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Help With Grippers

Hello all, I'm new here so, I just ordered the EZ-Robot Developer kit, and I'm very excited. Problem is, I need grippers. I didn't want to buy the pre-made grippers. They looked cool, but I didn't want to spend anymore money. Does anyone have any tips on how to make grippers? Thanks!


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Making custom grippers might be a little challenging... unless of course you have a 3D printer... There are dozens of files of grippers on Thingiverse you can just download and print....

You could always search youtube for videos of people who have made their own servo grippers from scratch...

To be honest, it would be better just to buy premade ones... More expensive but just a whole lot less fussing around...


@Richard R Ok thanks. I may just have to buy premade ones. I don't have a 3d printer .3.


If you have access to eBay... there are tons of cheap"ish" servo grippers on there...



@Anthony's parts deparment is quite good if you want pro looking at good prices. If you don't mind 3D prints...true, making them yourself may cost more plus the effort, so just buying a pre made one is a better option.

XL Robots' Parts


If you want to build one, the simplest gripper design I have seen is this, where one finger is stationary and the other is attached to a servo horn:

User-inserted image

1.) You have a block of wood or something to make 1 finger of the gripper with a servo attached and a servo horn (in blue).

2.) You add a block of wood or something (in red) to the servo horn to make the other finger.

3.) Finish it off with some rubber feet or cushion pieces to add some grip to the ends of the fingers. Since the fingers will be off set you may want to add an extra block of wood or something to the end of one of the fingers so the fingers meet when closed.

Suggestions materials: thin wood square dowels, popsicle sticks, double sided tape, hot glue, small rubber feet


Take a look at they have a few inexpensive grippers you might be interest in.


hmmm...some post dissepear on its own in this topic.


Thanks for all the ideas!

@Anthony I'm looking for a smallish medium claw. Nothing too big.


@Anthony Sorry, I don't have a picture at the moment, and I'm not very good with dimensions, but I want the claw to open at least 2-3 inches. It doesn't really matter what the claw looks like.



That looks about right! Something like that would work!