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Hey All,

Just wanted to drop a quick introduction.

My name is Kris and I'm an R2 builder here in Alberta.

My R2 is basically complete and I've been debating on
different control systems for it.

Met DJ at the Calgary Expo this weekend and really like the
EZ-B setup.

Wife picked me up a kit for my birthday! :D

I'll be adding some pics shortly as I attempt to retro-fit my
200lbs+ droid with the EZ-B.



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Please post build pictures as well , we are all excited to see your rendition of the late r2:)
Hey kris! I remember talking to you:) good to see you online! Can't wait to see the r2:)
Welcome Kris!

No reason that it would not work. Send us plenty of pictures and maybe a video here and there.