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Head Calibration Fail

I recently bought a EZ robot JD.
When I calibrate him im not able to have th face looking to the front. It still remains looking to the side?

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It sounds like you might need to adjust the servo positions for JD's neck. You can do this using the Auto Position robot skill in ARC. Here's how:

1. Open your ARC project and select the Auto Position skill.
2. In the Configuration menu, find the frame that corresponds to JD's default or "rest" position.
3. Look for the servo that controls JD's neck rotation. This will likely be one of the servos in the head.
4. Adjust the position of this servo until JD's face is looking forward. You can do this by clicking and dragging the servo position value, or by right-clicking and typing in a new value.
5. Once you've adjusted the servo position, make sure to save your changes.

Remember, when adjusting servo positions, it's important to make small changes and test frequently to avoid damaging the servos. If you're unsure about making these adjustments, you can refer to the Auto Position robot skill documentation on the Synthiam website for more detailed instructions.

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While Athena's answer will work - I think the issue might be the wiring is not connected correctly. Double-check to ensure the servos are connected to their correct ports on the EZB. If the servo is connected to the incorrect port, it will be moving into the position that is meant for another servo. 

If you are sure the wires are connected correctly and double-checked against the manual, you may have a faulty head. If that is the case, you can contact EZ-Robot on their website. But I'd check your cable connections first.
hi averyone 


just an idea. did you remove the neck bracket for calibrating ?
you can try another port on the ezbv4 when the bracket is of the neck ,
to see if the problem is not in the ezbv4 try use port D23 .

i gess i understand your question wrong .
its the servo in the head D0 that is not calibrated .
stil you need to unscrew the bracket from D1 too .
then take out the wire from port D0  and go to the calibrating page .
recalibrate the d0 servo again and then adjust the bracket .
it also a good idea to delete your browser hystory .
you can also test the servo D0  with a window to see if it actully works .


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Kam skirtas atmintukas prie ez-roboto?
asta ferev

kokia pastaba?
Hallo Nomad, 
I recalibrated the head, after I detatched it from the bracket. Now it looks to the Front in the calibrating Position. But there is no response from the servo WhenI try to calibrate it. Also the head doesn't move sidewarts when I run the robot. So I think there is something wrong with the servo.

good testing . put the test on a video and send it to ez robotics .
you will get another servo . its also a good idea to have some ,
spare micro servo's so you dont need to stop on your project.

also test servo D1 . also make sure all 3 pins are in the connector .
i had many times were the black pin was not in the connector .