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Happy New Year'S

Hello guys! Wasn't sure if anyone had already posted something like this today but here we go: Happy new year's everyone and I wish you all the best for next year! Although I've spent most of my time in silence, this forum has been such an inspiration for me to pursue my own projects, thanks for being such a great bunch.

To DJ and the EZ-team, thank you for making it possible for people like me to build amazing robots in our own homes!

Dorian has a little message for you as well:


Upgrade to ARC Pro

With ARC Pro, your robot is not just a machine; it's your creative partner in the journey of technological exploration.


Happy new year to you too! My wife and I liked the video.


Love the video! Thanks for starting the thread - it was on my list todo today as well! Happy New Years to everyone:) hope you all have exciting plans to bring in the new year, and hope they include robots! I must be getting old, bexause I’m staying in for New Years haha...


Happy New Year guys!


happy new year guys and dorian

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Wishing everyone here a very Happy New Year as well. I hope the new year brings you luck and happiness to all of you and your families. ??



Hey Steve,

Good to hear from you.

Have a Happy 2018 !



@ Sebediah,

Thanks for the fun Video. looking forward to more of your posts and projects in the new year.


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Hey Ron.

Good to see you're still around buddy. I am a little bit quiet in regards to posting on the forum... but always looking in from time to time to see what you and the guy's, new and old, are up to. I have to admit, Antonn does creap me out a little... but in a good way. I think it's the eyes and tash which gets the ol' goose bumps going, lol. Sooo cool.

Anyway, all the best to you and the family (human and robot). x


Thanks for starting this post. I wish you and your's a happy 2018 as well. :)


I am a bit late here...but a Robotic 2018 ya all!:D


I'm a bit late as well, Happy New Year everyone!