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Happy Fathers Day!

Don't forget to make your calls or visits to your loved ones!

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Happy fathers day to one and all! Hug your kids today!


My daughter got me a canbot kit for Father's Day. Gotta love it!


Yes, Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads. This will be the last fathers day with my Son for a while, he leaves for Air Force bootcamp in two weeks! Everyday closer we (parents) get prouder and sadder at the same time. :(


Ah! Air Force! I'm retired Air Force. He will love it....well not boot camp...not many do but afterwards he will feel a sense of accomplishment.


Hope everyone had a good day with their father:) I had a good day with my robots!!:D


My son took me to the Telus World of Science (Edmonton). They had a Robot themed event going on.

Not sure who had more fun with all the gizmos or gadgets.

Got a few good pics of the Edmonton Police Bomb Squad robot.