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Ezb4 Speaker With Pandorabots

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EDIT. I just want to mention that anyone looking to do something similar to what I have mentioned in this first post, should look at post #7 for more details, as the wiring details mentioned below are not entirely accurate, and may not be suitable for your needs. ;)

Hi guys.

I have wired up an old headphone socket to my EZB4 "SPKR" terminals and plugged it in to a small rechargeable amplified speaker that I have. The speaker is Bluetooth enabled, but has a headphone socket and the plan is to use this for a semi permanent hardware connection.

Initial tests sounds good when I start up the v4 and tried it with a bit of script. But the issue I need help with is when I use the Pandorabot control. When pandorabot replies, the speech comes through my laptop speaker and not the v4 speaker set up.

I have tried using the "?" On the pandorabot control but was no help. What am I missing to get this working the way I need to confused

Cheers, Steve.


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I don't think you can... Not through the EZB4 speaker, anyway.

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Had a quick look at the control as I hoped DJ had added in a variable for the response which would have worked well but I couldn't see that he did.

Possibly a future update may bring EZ-B V4 output directly or saving the last response as a variable which could be used with a simple looping script to output the variable using SayEZB($variable) whenever there was a change to the variable. I used the word variable too much there ;)


That's a good idea - i'll add that to the list


Awesome! this was on my list to ask about.. :)

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Thanks for the reply Richard, and to Rich & DJ.

It's a shame to hear that it currently doesn't do what I asked about, but awesome to hear that DJ has added it to his list. This really would be a welcome addition to the v4, and something I think a lot of people would be pleased about (especially me). :P

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To anyone reading or following this thread.

I mentioned in post #1 that I wired headphones jack to the EZ-B v4 using the "SPKR" terminals so I could plug it in to a small rechargable Bluetooth speaker . I should have mentioned that this speaker has a small built in amplifier, and after reading a very good thread by Dave Schulpius, I found that he explains that there is a better way to wire the headphone jack lead up as, even though what I did worked, the sound was a little distorted even at low volume.

In brief, using the "SPKR" terminals on the v4 is for a non amplified speaker, and as the one I was using was amplified, there is a better way to wire it. Using the small round terminal to the left of the v4 board I attached one of the channel wires (right of left channel) to it. The black wire goes in to the small square "ground" terminal next to the power connected (as pictured below).

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User-inserted image

Wireing it up this way made a huge difference and it now sounds great. I hope this clears thing up for anyone looking to do something similar, and check out Daves thread for more pictures and details.

Steve. cool


Thanks for the credit Steve. I started reading your thread this morning and thought of just this issue. However I wasn't able to log in and make the suggestion. I'm glad you discovered the alternative sound wiring method and it's working for you. the rel credit goes to EZ Robot's customer support for showing me the right path.

Keep having fun! Dave


Yes to adding this feature to ARC.



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Your welcome Dave. Credit where credit's due (and to the EZ team as well). It is a good Wright up, and very useful. ;)

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Your timing is spot on. I have been setting up soundboards and sound scripts for K-9 this morning, and just before I did I was playing around with the Pandorabot control. And what did I spy with my little eye in the config menu... an option to play Pandorabot audio through the EZ-B4 speaker.:D:D :D

Thank you sooo much for adding that. It's a great addition to ARC and you implemented it really quickly which is appreciated.

Thanks once again.

Steve. :) :)