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Ezb Controlled Lynxmotion Johnny Five Robot

I made a johnny five robot from lynxmotion and made many changes ,upgraded to higher torque servo's,added another deck for itx board,change the motors for higher torque,looking to add feedback,plus more servo's in arms ,plus web cam and more

Most of this is done already,was going to use lynxmotion SSC-32 servo board until i found the best controller for it EZB

BIGGEST problem finding a small ITX to replace my pico-itx board at 1 ghz 2 gig ram

here is a photo of the design without changes

User-inserted image

will be posting photos of it with changes,it a little apart for more upgrades
kit is about $900 and to add very high torque servo's about $1300 like i did
16 servo's now and might add 2 more for drive


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wont be able to post any updates,since going on my last trip for work till end of march ,after will have full time to work on my robot projects
WILL be comming home in a few days so will update my design with new photos since i am retired.
OK just made some changes ,i mounted my small ITX computer to my deck

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Next part i made was the led for his mouth ,only did the front
Next is the 2 sides

User-inserted image
Another update on progress
Saterday will be adding the EZB to my build,and adding the turret, ordered two 14.8 volt 4.5 amp (9 amps total ) LI-PO BATTERY for ITX mother board and drive motors,so hope to get them in soon

Will post more photos of my build saterday or sunday
Ok here is some photos of my mounted turret and H-BRIDGE boards
H-BRIDGE board is a 2 CYTRON MD10C, robotshop has them for about $16 each 10 amp 3-25 single controller.

On the turret will have photos of how i made and parts list

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Well i did more work on my design i had some maxbotic sonars to it,and ordered a side cover from plastic for my deck
will have photo up tonight or sunday on the sonars i added.
and some part #'s and links
PRETTY soon will be posting many many updates of my robot projects and boards i made
Been working for a few weeks building boards and updates.
Nice.... looks awesome.
Thanks making side covers for it next,need to use 2 EZB because so many digital ports and analog ports.
Nice , I like the progress , great job buddy
I started on the led VU MOUTH to be controlled by his voice

User-inserted image
Call me lame but I really dig the LED mouth concept. When I'm confident enough to build a robot using more than the EZ Complete kit I'll be using a LED mouth. I'm excited to see your progress.
WILL post circuit up soon,it uses LM3915 bar graph chip and few parts,there are a few kits out there
BUT not as much fun as building the circuit from scratch.

THE design will have bar graph on the sides just like johnny five has.
Very cool:) Send a pic soooon ..we def want to see the proud maker (you) with your johnny 5 ..I love that robot:)
That is an awesome robot you are building.
I can't wait to see your progress and more pictures. Thank you for sharing your project with us.
Is there a way to make your projects show up under showcase?

Steve S
STEVE this is a major project for me,it need milling and some lathe work ,witch i have in my big machine shop

Mostly the head design needs to be very close to the real johnny five design and thats the hardest

Then make plastic covering for body and arms ,but not that important

Plus need to finish a few small robot projects like BIPED design 95 % done and roomba design may be 95% done and may be one more

I asked DJ but still no answer on this about showing up in showcase ,i think when i was a ghost and then un-ghosted he forgot to put them back.