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Ez-Bv 4 And Power Adaptor

I bought the EZ-Bv 4 for two weeks ago! It is amazing and very good stuff:)

Actually, I want to use that to build my human robotic. Therefore, I have few questions would like to ask!

Would anyone can help me?

Q1 : Can I use this Adaptor for EZ-Bv 4? Q2 : EZ-Bv 4 can support several pieces of motor servo (refer to the attached picture)? Q3 : Will "EZ-Bv 4" damaged by the 12v external power adaptor of Huge servo Motor? (Because I will use it to control all servos at the same time!)

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Your servos and motors will require much more current than what the plug-in adapter will provide (1.2 amp)

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The plug in adapter wouldn't even have enough power to run even one of the servos to be honest.


Do some research on Amps. Your issue isn't volts, it's Amps.


If you are going to build a human type robot, you might want to consider providing power using batteries instead of a plug-in power supply. You will need to also research H-Bridges to control your motors. You may consider 12vdc batteries for your motors and 6 vdc for your servos.


You could use a pc power supply and use a yellow and black wire and get about 15 amps worth of power. You would need to Google which pins to cross on the atx power supply to allow you to use it without it being plugged into a motherboard.

Just do your research before doing anything with it.


this is the adaptor recomended for jd

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@nomad, I doubt 6A would be enough either to be honest looking at what he is attempting to power. The inrush current of the servos and motors will be huge. I would be surprised if an AC power supply would be capable.


am suprised avery time ,howmany possebility's there are. so the adaptor is just enough for jd then.


@nomad18.08.... A good battery is the best way to power JD or any other multi servo robot....


RR so cant use adaptor insteadt off a batt.


You can use an adapter or a battery.

The 25c or 35c tells you how many amps can safely be pulled from the battery at one time. If the battery is a 1.3 amp per hour battery or 1300mah battery, you could safely pull about 30 amps at one time. That is a huge amount.

If you want to use a power supply while programming movements, it will prevent you from having to charge the battery every few minutes if you are pulling this many amps.

The concern is that you have to have a power supply that produces enough amps for all of the load you will be using. The fuse in the base is a 20 amp fuse, so theoretically that would be the max you can pull.

The other thing to understand is that the motors will draw current when holding a motor or moving a motor. It's not as simple as just adding up values, but also taking into account bursts of electricity.


thank you bolt D.cohran&RR


I would connect the servos/motors to a sufficient battery power supply and connect only the signal wires to the EZB-v4. Connect a ground wire from the batteries to the EZB-v4. Then you will have all the power you need and you won't overload the v4.


That is what I do mainly because my bot uses servos that are 3.3v, 5v, 6v, 7.4v servos. It also allowed me to divide out how amps are drawn also as mentioned by Bhouston. So many ways of running power. just spend some time researching how DC power works for a bit.


Thanks for all information!

Dear Bhouston,

Could you please share a photo of the Instruction Diagram for my ref?

Thanks a lot:)


@rickymahk2013, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I don't have a photo of how to do this but it is quite simple. Connect your battery power into a bus bar that has positive on one side and negative on the other, connect all your servo and motor power to this bar.Also connect a ground (negative) wire from either your batteries or the bus bar to the negative pin on the EZB v4. Connect all of the servo/motor signal wires to the easy builder.

Hope that helps you.


Dear bhouston,

Anyway, thank you for your great help:) It is useful for me!