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Enterprise Bridge Photo

hi Friends! for my next project (that is an almost real lifesize animatronic diorama of the USS enterprise ncc1701 bridge) I need to print an wall mural 4 x 2,10. my problem is that I cant find a photo big enouth (at least 5MB) to print.. I found dozen of Enterprise Bridge TOS photos on the internet, but they all.. well for internet. and I just cant find a resourse where I can Buy that or So. does anybody out ther can give me some help ?

this is the image Im lookin for.. but at this point, ANY IMAGE would be great to get..

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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You could commission someone on Deviantart to re-draw it at HD for you, there are some very talented artists over there.


I don't have a way of doing the wall mural but, I do have the Bridge Layout blueprints that shows where and how every button is laid out on each console and also a complete set of Enterprise blueprints if that would be of any help in building and planning your animatronic diorama.

Can you share with us the dimensions you are planing for this


"almost real lifesize"
project and any more details about it?

I am a huge fan of the original series especially anything to to with the ship. :D


thanks folks! @rGordon, can you send me the bridge layout ? ( @Anthony, those images are great, but very small.. I need it bigger so when folks at print house enlarge it, will not loose too much definition.

if you have it bigger, can you send to me ? ( Thanks guys!


I tried some conversion techniques but couldn't get a nice finish.


@tevans... I will see what I can do for ya. May take me a few days to find my blueprints and get them converted to digital. I will put them on my Dropbox site and you can just download them from there. I will send you the link.



When I was a teen (probably pre-teen. I don't know what year they came out by I bought first edition) I spent hours and hours pouring over those blueprints until I had every inch of the Enterprise memorized.



Alan were you able to view the files I posted? Just checking....

Yeah, I have always been more fascinated with the ship, more than anything else. :D


Thank you! The files are amazing! Well, I tryed to buy a big picture from folks at deviantart, as Rich suggested.. But artists there did not showed very interested in selling things.. Actually, I bougth one render from an artist. She charged me 30 dollars.. She did the best she could, but I think her project (or software, or skills..) was not that good... Bu5 i5 is the best I could ge5 so far...

User-inserted image


@tevans... Hope those blueprints can be of use for your project. Please keep me posted on your progress. I am very interested in the outcome. My email is listed here on my profile page.