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Eb-V4 Compatibility With

I want to by the kit, link below. I would like to use the v4 instead of the v3 that comes with the kit. Will the v4 fit this kit? EZ-Robot The Complete Robot Kit New in Box used once Builder kit servo BONUS ebay kit

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The answer is yes! all the servos and parts in the box will work with the V4. In fact you can use both boards if you wish. All the servos and the ultra sonic sensor will work fine and are the same ones that come with the v4 board developer kit.


The main difference other than the EZ-B is the camera in the v3 kit the camera is wireless in the v4 kit the camera that plugs directly into the EZ-B they are completely different cameras both you can use but the camera that comes with the v3 kit connects to the computer with a wireless dongle and the v4 plus directly into the EZ-B

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Just be aware that the V4 has unregulated Vcc on the digital ports i.e. what you supply the EZ-B V4 with is what comes out of the Vcc of the digital ports.

The ping sensor is 5V so will need a voltage regulator.

If you carry out the camera mod to power it from the EZ-B again this will need a voltage regulator.

The servos are capable of taking 7.2V if your supply is bigger, use a regulator.

The EZ-B V4 also has a battery monitor and will warn of low batteries. Running it on AA batteries may trigger the low voltage warning (depending on battery quantity - they had a 5 battery holder and a 6 battery holder and type of batteries - rechargeable are 1.2v, non rechargeable are 1.5v)

It's usable with the V4 but read up about the power on the V4 first. Also check that it's not going to be cheaper to buy servos & sensors elsewhere if you don't plan to use the EZ-B V3.


You should just buy the complete EZB4 kit here in the store instead.... You get a way better camera... Besides, I am willing to bet by the time the auction is done price will be similar anyway.... Even if you do win the auction you will still need a V4 board which is $99.... Makes sense just to buy the developers kit in the store here.... Saves money in the long run...


The v4's EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit comes with stronger servos than the deprecated v3 kit. Also, the v4 is dozens of times more powerful in features than the v3. I have a personal connection with the v3, however I do accept it's limitations and recommend everyone upgrade to the v4:)


Thank you all for your feedback. I grand plans for my first robot.