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Dj Robot

when the robot is doing head stands or push ups it seems to fall flat on his face when on a wood floor and this causes the head to slowly come off, and it eventually falls off and must be put back on quickly so it can't fly around


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Hmmm... guess you haven't assembled it properly... ? His head should not come off if it was assembled properly....


it was, i made sure of it but i think the problem is that, its that the robot is not meant to smack his head into the hardwood floor every time he does those 2 moves, and the repeated use of the moves edges it off bit by bit no different then detaching it yourself.


So stop making his head smack the floor, then lol.... slow down his moves... You can adjust servo speed as required...


What you'll need to do is either of the following: 1.Adjust the movement/frame sequences so he doesn't face plant or... 2.Adjust servo positions in the frames, if you mean that when he is in the head/handstand he falls over

As for the head falling off, yours is a special bot.:P Try scuffing up the 2 connectors with sand paper or wire brushes(don't do too much though).


i have just been running the demo provided and the commands testing them out to make sure it will work consistently without issues when its in the store but the head came half way off and i grabbed it before it fully came off after 3 battery charges of testing "moves" alone, no walking around (i have not gotten there yet)

i have started testing the demo 2 program and the one online you need to adjust all sleep counts to min 6000 but thats as far as i got today and it seems to work until the pushups where it just skips getting up and belly flops and i turn it off and try again. i have been careful to always turn it off as soon as the program goes outside of what i planed to make sure the robot is not damaged though.

How do i adjust the servo speed i have seen the 2 options to reset and release the servos in the menu but i was not sure what they were for.

also you should while i am thinking of it the cables in the feet do not come put into the holes at the back so the robot can't step on the wires but i noticed it in the manual picture and corrected that, you should add a note to the manual tho or someone's bound to have the robot tear the wire out stepping on it


thanks for the info you posted while i was writeing last post


so can you think of any good reason why my robot is face planting on the default moves and is different than it should be? i just want to make sure im not missing anything here and its not only doing this because of a mistake i made


It could be you missed something, A manufacturing bug, or just a need to calibrate the servos. By the looks of it you already did but double check.

Maybe a video is needed to zero in on the problem.

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Have you correctly calibrated the robot? Have you fine tuned the robot after calibration? Double check all servos are connected the right way around. Double check all servos are connected to the correct ports. Double check all servos are working. Check you haven't got any other controls also trying to move servos or control the auto positions etc. If you have voice recognition enabled and working it may be attempting to run a command from there and causing conflicts with auto position.

JD should work fine once he is calibrated and fine tuned. Mine had problems walking due to calibration and fine tuning issued which hadn't been fixed before I tried to make him work. However, he has never had issues with the push up action.

I did have a problem getting him to head stand at first, I haven't tried since calibrating and fine tuning however nothing caused him to smack his head on anything or do anything so violently that it could cause damage to the robot.


i have done all that several times, I generally have to calibrate the robot every day when i get started as the config never is the same day to day, i do every day get it perfectly calibrated and it works just fine, i use my testabc command in my robot i have mentioned before to make sure he continues to stay calibrated all day and that everything is ok, i also save every time i make a change to the calibration file to insure nothing is missed and reloading the program when it crashed does not mean i have to calibrate the robot again because its slightly off as it is every morning when i get started.


also the robot is not hitting the ground extremely hard but it clearly seems to be harder than it should, i have wondered if its the fact im testing on a hardwood floor and not carpet thats partly to blame but it looks like a flat out face plant he just swings his arms from front to back and is head dives for the ground and hits hard enough to add up to the head falling off over time and i figured this may not be right and was worth asking about

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How are you calibrating it? Can you link me to the instructions you have used?

I'm asking because I believe you may be doing this wrong if you need to calibrate daily (you should only ever need to calibrate once).


every day when i get started i open the project that i am working on and load the servo config file, (the one online but with the changes i have mentioned on another post), i then turn on the robot and connect with wifi and then connect in ez robot and then i hit my text abc button which is equal to calibrate it ends with all at 90 so i can determine whats changed,

i then open the configure button in the project menu and begin using the + and - to adjust the lefts and arms a bit so he can sit without humming from jamming (i have re read and checked the online pages and pics 4 times to make sure im 100% making it straight like in the pic. once everything is straing and perfect i pick him up to double check and then save. i then begin running the default commands to test everything is ok running my testabc after each to make sure nothing has changed and then begin trying to get my script2 to work properly


sorry originally yes i did calibrate everything as instructed and re calibrated when i replaced the cpu and its only the fine tuning that changes daily not the physical calibration, that i have not needed to correct its just slight misalignments, of the feet and arms such as + or - 2 or 3 in the fine tuning that is needed

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Are you loading the servo profile when you open the project? It should prompt you to do this however there is a check box where you can disable this. If you aren't selecting and loading the servo profile after opening a project then this is probably the issue.


no it comes up as i said and i load the servo config file every day when i open the program and load the project, and most of it saves but there are slight adjustments needed, so its not going back to where it was before i calibrated it its not nearly that off every day but its off a bit and only in the legs and arms

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The red arrow points to the check box which enables/disables prompting for servo profile on load.

User-inserted image

I also added the blue arrow to point at the examples folder button to help with your other post.


yes that is exactly what i do but as soon as i hit the examples button it gives me an error box saying "could not find path to ....) and i looked around in all the folders and there are not misplaced they are just missing, i have installed it on 2 computers and both did not come with the examples or atleats did not have them after the update i can not be sure


could you please share a zip file with these if they are not online? or email it to me

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They are installed with ARC. If they are not in the location I said they should be in then you need to uninstall ARC, reboot and reinstall ARC.

Doing a fresh install of ARC after reboot may also help with some of the other problems that you are having.


that fixed the missing example issue, thanks

and i have uploaded version 2 now