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Resolved Resolved by Rich!


my ez builder disconnects averytime i try to use one off the feathers.

am on win7 this pc i use to try things out.


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United Kingdom
@nomad, I said this before but you obviously chose not to read it. You don't always get asked for a servo profile on opening a project. This is not your problem.

Do the servos work? New or not they may be faulty!
Are they connected correctly?
Is the battery OK?

I am unable to offer any further advice until those three questions are answered!
@Nomad... you should answer Rich's question.... You said the servos are new...
1) Have you actually tested them to make sure they work properly?
2) What brand are they? Digital or analog?
3) What are their power rating?
4) Can you open a new ARC project without the servos? Brand new project with no controls added yet?
sofar i have is,yes i can open ARC whithout servo's
servo's are digital
i tested and calibrated the servo's first

what i found sofar is all digital ports act desame.
i can only use one servo
tested whit fully chaged batteries,but they drain rapid more then ussuall
i also the new acses point ENGENIUS blinking
i checked the fuse and is ok

i like your way off exsplaining thanks

ps anthony found her choes,awesome.to bad i cant let them print.
United Kingdom
1. How did you check the fuse? It's a self resetting fuse on the EZ-B!
2. What did you test the servos using?
3. How did you calibrate them? Calibrate them to what exactly? Your video shows no arms on the robot...
4. Are the servos connected to the EZ-B correctly?

If the battery is draining it's being used. If it's draining rapidly it's being used more. Check for any shorts, any other devices which may be draining it. If in doubt put your multimeter inline between the battery Vcc and the EZ-B Vcc and check the current draw while everything is idle.

i open the ezb and see if sitting good the fuse.
calli the horizontal and hip am making
connect to ezb color on color
good tip to test the batt

@Nomad... Rich is not talking about the 20amp main fuse in the ezb base... Mine did the same thing... had 6 servos lock up until the 14A (Resettable) Polyfuse (not the 20amp fuse in the ezb base) must have tripped. The ezb would not respond to any servo movement commands until I powered off the ezb for a while and let the poly fuse reset itself...

My guess is those new servos of yours are drawing too much power (either faulty or driving too big of a load) and causing the poly fuse to trip...

i use rechargebles batt eneloop AA
today the ezb is not chowing up ,not even whit the radar surh.
i got mail from my intenet provider they disconnect something,
about a tunneling.dont know what that is.
do you have any idea why the calli fine tune not show up first like normal?
The scan tool will only work if your ezb4 is in Client mode (green LED on the ezb). If it is in WP (Blue LED) you'll need to locate your ezb in your wifi list...

It's not ARC causing the problem, that's for sure....
United Kingdom
Nomad, how many more times do I need to tell you that the servo profile is not always requested when you open a project? Your project does not require a servo profile therefore it does not ask for one.

AA batteries are likely to be under powered for driving large servos. Use a LiPo battery.

If the EZ-B isn't showing up then it's not on the same network as your PC is on. Connect to the same network. If it's client mode you will need to reset the EZ-B, log in to the admin pages and set up client mode again. If it's in AP mode then you shouldn't need to scan for it.

Your ISP and anything they do will not affect your EZ-B or your LAN, they can only affect your WAN. Your WAN is not important when looking at the EZ-B and PC connection.
its in green mode

rich AA rechargeble was recomended here by someone.
so you found the problem why its always disconnect.i have two lipo from,
here just waiting for the male connector.

thank you all
So the problem ended up being a power problem...? More precisely, not enough of it because @nomad was using AA rechargeables? Hmmm, go figure....
United Kingdom
It's unclear if that was the problem or not.
it was because i was using rechargeble AA
i order de male wire from the original batt.
Hey Nomad,

I'm not sure it it helps you or not but a lot of RC hobby shops sell the Male Deans connector either by itself or on the end of a wire or splitter (that you could salvage).

Do you have a local RC shop?
i have ordered from ebay,yes we have a local rc chop.

thank you jeremie

dean connector

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

i kept one original and the other i solder thik wire on.

just wanted to let you know bolt.i do read and try.
but its very diff for me at that speed your are working.
it was the power source.


Ok @nomad so remember if the voltage drops below a certain point (I think drop out voltage is just under 5V) the ezb will disconnect and reboot... So when you are using power hungry devices (like servos) with your ezb you need to have a very good battery like a lipo to power it...

iff i not mistaken i did read not to drop the batt below 6.6 volts
No, that's the low voltage warning for the Lipo battery...If you drain a lipo battery below 6.6V it will be ruined... The ezb's board (logic part part of it) works on 5V like virtually all other logic devices. If the ezb's voltage drops below 5V it will reset...

I run my ezb from a 6V SLA battery with no issues at all... I set the low battery warning to 5.5v instead of 6.6 (which I would use if I was using a 7.4V Lipo)...

yes thats what i mean