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Devise Not Showing

hi anyone familiar whit ENgenius?
i cannot see ezb-4


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Are your other wifi devices able to see each other?

I think I have the router set to restart nightly so a restart of the router shouldn't be needed. Your SSID is EnGenius. Do you remember your password? if not I will send it to you.

You will need to use a phone to connect to HTTP:// after connecting to the EZ-B via your wifi settings. At that point you will need to go to client mode and then put in EnGenius for the SSID and enter your password. You will then tell it to apply the setting and click okay on the box that pops up telling you that you are going to loose you connection to your network.

At that point, the EZ-B should reboot and tell you that you are on your network. We used mac filtering so if this is a new EZ-B, it wont be allowed to get onto the network. if it is one of your other two EZ-B's they will work.

At this point, you will have to scan for the EZ-B in ARC so that it knows which IP was assigned to the EZ-B by the router.

Please try this and let me know.

hi d cohran

i made this android app.thats when i spotted the error.
i wanted to test it.

i know my password.its not a new ezb4
i let you know,thanks
Is the android app setup to connect to the network? I think we left it to be able to connect to the wifi.

It looks like you are able to connect from your computer to the EZ-B without an issue. Is this correct?
yes i can connect on pc
on android it says engenius
What color is the light on the top of the ez-b and is it flashing or solid?
On your pc, which wifi connection does it say you are connected to?
yes am succsesfully connected
The Android apps will default to

After opening the your app in ARC Mobile, when you hit the Connect button, you need to update the IP address to the address of your EZ-B. The Android app does not have a search function so you need to know the address.

Also, ARC on your PC can not be connected when you try to connect with Android. It is one or the other, not both.

I am going to ask you a list of questions. Please answer each one of them.

Does the app work from the PC?

In your wireless connections on you PC, what does it show as the network that you are connected to?

What network does it show on your android?

What I am assuming is the following

The PC is connecting to the EZ-B in AP mode which bypasses the Engenius router.
The PC is working with the app.

The Android is connecting to the engenius (in client mode)
Because the EZ-B isnt in Client mode and not on the engenius, you wont see it from the Android.

Please answer all 3 of the questions above.

yes the app works on pc

thanks alan

that was one off mine question to
This is all good news. So the issue isn't with the network. I haven't tried the android app much at all. Alan sounds like he has. Please follow his instructions for changing the IP address to access the EZ-B.

If you are connected to the EZ-B on the PC, write down the IP address that it is using to connect to the EZ-B and then disconnect. From there you will need to put this IP in on your android as Alan discussed above to connect to the EZ-B.

ok thank you very much.
indeed ip is the one alan says.
If I get some time today, I will try to connect to the ez-b with my android and get more familiar with it. I need to do this soon anyway. I will let you know if I see anything that needs to be mentioned.

I have to prepare to teach today along with my normal job. I dont think I will have time until this evening.

d cohran
thats ok.i saw on the webpage ap mode is the ezbv4 from android.
i found it all back thanks to alan&d.cohran&rr
it was resetbutton and ip android is diff then ip pc.

thank you all

simpel app whit two servo and voice.
If you used the reset button on the ez-B, you are now back in AP mode, which allows devices to attach directly to the EZ-B without being on the network. To get your computer to access the EZ-B again, you will have to switch it back to client mode.

Just wanted to let you know incase you run into issues when you use your computer to try to connect to the ez-b.
sofar all good.its diff proces avery time to use your android
but am very happy whit achiefment.
@nomad... AP mode (as d'cochran said) is for any device connecting directly to the ezb, not just your android... Client mode is where your ezb becomes part of your wifi network and devices like your PC connect to it indirectly through your router...

yes i saw the video link you gave.