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Controlling Motors With Arduino Through Bluetooth Joystick

I'm trying to connect a Bluetooth joystick to an Arduino to control a differential drive robot through EZ-B. I've downloaded the firmware to Arduino and connected it to EZ-B... and added a joystick control through the Joystick interface but I'm not too sure how to connect the Bluetooth joystick. I have an HC05 module that I'm trying to connect to the Arduino UART but how would the handshake work through EZ-B?

Edit: After spending a few hours on here looking at similar questions, I'm even more confused. I'm going to ask a few questions and they might seem stupid, but I need to understand lol.
Isn't EZ Builder able to provide the controls for how I control a robot through differential steering (Continuous servo Panel)? Am I able to download this to my Arduino or does it have to be in conjunction with it (so PC attached to Arduino the whole time)? Am I able to use EZ-Builder controls with my Arduino untethered from the computer?
The end product is (sorry for the run on) a robot with 2 wheels controlled by an Arduino that's using Continous servo Control from EZ-Builder through a Bluetooth joystick that connects with HC05 Bluetooth module or similar. The point is that I'm trying to take Arduino pins and attach to ESCs that control the motors the way a differential steering robot would be controlled.
If i'm going completely the wrong route, someone please direct me =)

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Hi, elsayedm, I posted a video pertaining to a joystick and only a Arduino yesterday, seems to be gone, if you want it again let me know, thanks
Hi @EzAng ya I saw it through the email but couldn't access the message later. I'd love to see the video.
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You are welcome elsayedm,