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Continuous Rotation Servo Speed

Hi everyone. Just a quick question.

How do I adjust the speed of the continuous rotation servo speeds? I have followed the video tutorial of DJ's Boxbot, and I have tried to adjust the forward and reverse values but it made no difference. The servos are the one's supplied with the dev kit.



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Changing the numbers in the modified servo panel work for me no problem... Try setting 180 to something like 130
The closer to 89 you get (in either forward or reverse) the servo will slow down... 89 it will stop....
United Kingdom
Thanks Richard. I'll give it a try a little later.

United Kingdom
Cheers Richard. I made the mistake of thinking 1 was min speed and 180 was max because they are continuous, but of course this is where you change the values if a servo moves in the wrong direction. I feel a bit silly for asking now.

I do have an additional question on the subject. Is there a variable control for these servos like a slider I can use?