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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Connecting And Controlling Serial Servos

Hi, I would like to connect and run some serial servos using my EZ-B v4. Unfortunately, they are not Feetech, so which Project should I use?

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Serial servos is a type of servo communication. It’s not a model or manufacturer. Therefore the make and model would be needed. If it’s not supported (look at servo robot skills list), it would need to be supported.
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Thanks very much, I am always so impressed with this Community support!

I am actually trying to connect some Meccano Meccanoid servos directly to my EZ-B, but having searched for 'Meccano' I see I would have to use an Arduino. Unfortunately, this is way beyond me.

So, as most of this activity was a couple of years ago, is it still better to just replace them all with EZ-HDD ones?
The Meccano servos are not very strong and will give you some trouble. I always recommend the ezrobot hdd servos in replacement of hobby servo form factor. Plus they’re super quiet and strong:)
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Thanks very much for all your help, I have just ordered some!