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Good find Herr Ball! For that price you can barely buy the mini servos! Its the delivery wait time that's hard but here at EZ-Robot we're used to that :)

United Kingdom

For less than $28 you wont get much more than this. A good base to start a hexapod with but would need some modifications. That said, it shouldn't cost you more than a few bucks to make it so it can hold a battery and controller. Hexapod for under $40 is a bargain if you don't mind doing some work to it.


Herr Ball, Any recommendations on servos? Thanks for sharing. Steve S


What a rip. Get a $4 chopping board from Walmart and cut it up with a hacksaw. If you wanna splurge a little bit get a small sheet of acrylic from hope depot or lowes for under $10. These are simple straight cuts that don't need any special craftsman or 3d modeling skills to accomplish. Reward yourself with a sixer of your liking for after work celebration, and at the end, you have your spare change, your pride, maybe gained a skill or 2, and depending on your tolerance, a slight buzz. :D



I wouldn't bash this kit too much. It gives starters in robotics a chance to learn how to build simple robotics and might make them more interested in robotics, which in turn might make them willing to spend eighty dollars for one of your mini-six robots.:D


@Steve S

I have no idea what servo size this six uses. I didn't order one just found it on the net while looking around. I looked back at the site and it didn't mention, that I could see, what size they were. If you were really interested maybe a email to the poster. They don't look like a standard size to me maybe the smaller ones.

Surely a cheap introduction to a six and robotics.