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Chappie : Most Out Of This World Movie

Chappie is the all time greatest sci-fi movie I've seen. Chappie and automata have shown me that nothing is impossible, it is only impossible if you think it to be, the possibilities of creating such robots as chappie or robots like those of the automata are a possibility that will most likely come to be. I mean if we have robots like Asimo and toshibas talking communications andriods that are very close in comparison to the chappie and automata robots then we are closer to figuring out how conciseness works then we think we are. Albert Einstein even said that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it and he was the smartest man alive. So I am going to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can to make omega as great as those who have came before him and I am going to work on my self sub staining power unit as hard I can even if the odds may seem impossible, I will never give it, and neither should any one else give up on their ideas and dreams no matter how impossible they may be, your minds have limitless potential so use them, and together we can all make the world a better place. =D

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cant wait to see the movie off chappie.also i would love to see a video, off robot really help the elderly people or the world.


lol - I went to see chappie alone! Everyone from the ez-robot office went without me. I believe I was sick with a cold or out of town... but I was really surprised at it. Not knowing what the movie was about, it threw me a curve ball.

I guess the expectation was more like short circuit. In a way it was, but the in a huge way it was more modern. I laughed a lot. Even had some sad moments.


What is your favorite robot themed movie DJ? I have not seen Chappie yet myself, but I'm hoping to see it soon. My favorite movie would have to be Short Circuit, I watched it thousands of time as a child and used to pause the tape thinking I would see clues as to how J5 was wired up and if I could just make my wiring look like his maybe my robot would come to life too.

What is everyone else's favorite movie, maybe the one that hooked you on robots?


My favorite robot movies are.

  1. Chappie
  2. Automata
  3. Real Steel
  4. Surrogates
  5. Short circuit 1@2
  6. Wall-e And finally Earth to Echo gotta love that cute lil baby alien robot lol and I know their not movies but they should have been is the Issac Asimov's Caves of Steel, Naked sun, The Robots of dawn and Robots and Empire lol

Speaking of younger kids, I ran across a movie called "Cody The Robosapien", I think it would be good for kids under 10. It came out in 2013, its kid friendly in that Disney Channel annoying shows for kids sort of way. Its cute, but as an adult you can see why it did poorly. But if I was 8 I'd probably love this movie.


Awsome I can't wait to see chappie 2 and Real Steel 2 lol but I do wish they make short circuit 3 or at least make the remake like they said they word in 2013 it would be nice to see johhny five in action again, I really regret not buying the 5ft tall posible mannique of johhny five, he would have made an excellent first ez-robot project lol

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Haven't seen the movie yet, but hoping to soon. Here's a list of a few robots from my childhood that had, and still have a special place in my heart.

From the movies...


Who doesn't like this guy. He's one of the robots I still enjoy watching, and must get around to make one of my own one day. It really was love at first sight when I first saw R2. Very cleverly done and a great design.

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The Terminator.

I mean, come on. When that thing walked out of the flames of the burning truck and you saw what it actually was, oh yes. I was watched this movie at an age where I really shouldn't have, but when I saw the endoskeleton, fear was far from my very young mind. It was COOL. A new kind of robot from what I was used to.

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Not one of my favourite movies with it's Crazy weird ending, but the robots were pretty cool and Vincent was my favourite. I just loved the look of it. Maximillion was just evil, and looked it too, although it looked pretty slick. (I hear a movie remake might be on the cards).

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Optimus Prime (from the 80's).

Okay, it's animated, but when I was 11, seeing a (and having the toy) robot that could turn in to a truck was way cool. And he was an all round good guy too.

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Jonny 5.

Yeah I liked that guy too.

From TV shows...

Twiki & Dr. Theopolis.

A 2 for 1 deal here. I don't know what it was, but Twiki was a cool lil dude, with Dr T being the brains of the outfit. I had a cool Twiki toy that stood about 60cm tall, and had prerecorded voice samples and Dr T flashing lights on the chest.

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The "toaster" models in the recent reincarnation of BSG look pretty cool, but as a kid I loved the older centurion models with all their shiny chrome bodies, Larson scanner eye and very cool "by your command" voices.

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K.I.T.T. (The original one)

Not the typical kind of robot were talking about here, but when I was a kid (and even now), K.I.T.T was all kinds of awesome. It was kinda forward thinking too, as a lot of the tech that he had is available in cars today as standard (unfortunately not the turbo boost though, yet). Has anyone hooked up an EZ-B to a car yet?

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Metal Micky.

Yeah that's right, I said it. When I was 7 years old MM was the coolest robot ever. I saw a clip of this a few months ago and thought "gee's, I used to watch this?", lol. I even tried to make my own using cardboard boxes. My mum wasn't to happy to find that I "borrowed" and cut up the Christmas tree lights for this build. Well I was 7 you know.:P

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Big, shiny, flashing lights, and a very different look to other robots around at the time. My favourite character of the show, B-9 was just a cool looking robot and couldn't wait to watch Lost in Space just so I could see him. A proper robot in every sense of the word.

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Need I say more:D.

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I would like to say "Daleks" as well, but they're not robots.

And one last one from a TV add back in the 70's/80's....

The "Smash" robot aliens.

These guys always made me laugh when I was young. Always taking the micky out of humans because of how we made mash potato. I guess I had the last laugh. I hated that powdered stuff, lol.

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Well, that's my list of favourite robots from growing up. I hope they bought back some memories.:)

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Picking up on one tiny, unrelated point in this topic... You can get turbo boost in cars like KITT had... it's called NO2 (or nos or whatever you want to call it) and can give one hell of a boost... <sarcasm>just watch The Fast & The Furious for an example, it makes that big of a boost the floor panel falls out... </sarcasm>

On a related note, I did look at hooking an EZ-B and ARC to my car but Audi's VAGCOM protocol is pretty confusing at the best of times, not to mention the huge security flaws it would introduce. I do, however have a Windows 8 tablet connected up running RossTech VCDS which allows me some real-time alterations & monitoring but not auto pilot or KITT's attitude (although anyone with an Audi that has voice command will know the Audi woman has an attitude of her own).

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I'm all to familiar with NOS, but that's a WHOLE diffrent story;). I was kinda referring to the turbo boost "where you would need to discreetly hide a ramp behind a bush" sort of thing to say "hey, my car can jump", although a hydronic ram would do it I guess, lol.

I wasn't aware about the Audi voice command thing. Anyway if anyone would have tried hooking up an EZ-B to a car, I guessed it would be you dude:). I just had visions of someone hooking up a v4 to an old Ford Capri, fitting electric windows ect, and a tablet in the dash, and using speech rec to control things. That would be kind of a cool project though. Bring an old Capri kicking and screaming in to the 21st century.

Anyway, back on topic.;)

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My favorite film robots are from the 1972 classic Silent Running with Bruce Dern. The robots were Dewey (Drone 1) Huey (Drone 2) and Louie (Drone 3).

I am most fortunate to have a prop of Dewey, here is a reenactment of one of the films classic scenes where the Drones (possibly) cheat at playing cards!

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I have seen the Chappie movie... a very very good movie, thumbs up!


I also love bb-8 from the new Star Wars, he has to be the coolest little ball droid every him and r2d2 are awsome

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That really is a great picture Tony. and it's great you have the actual prop. Very cool.


WOW @Steve G you are bring back some memories with those robots. I loved The Blackhole, I kinda liked STAR the best, I think he was the black solider robot with the fancy shooting skills. I liked how the robots had "off hours" and practiced shooting for fun.

In America we had a short lived TV show called "Riptide" with a robot named "Roboz". If anyone remembers this show, your childhood was awesome!

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Of course I loved KITT. I had a 1985 Trans Am I was turning into KITT. I gave up on it and got rid of the car, but kept some key components like the replica dash to try again in the future.

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That's a new one for me. Never heard of "Riptide" before. Looks like Roboz was ahead of his time with that tablet stuck in his chest, lol. Very cool and retro.

Not wanting to hijack @Omega's "Chappie" thread, but in regards to KITT, you've sooo got to get back to that. I can just imagine it. Two tablets for the in-dash displays running ARC and Skype for video calling the semi (you'll need to get a semi trailer too), and some EZ-B's to control the flip up headlights, Larson scanner, windows sunroof and door locks, voice box display, and a vast security sensor array. And with ARC running Pandorabots you could have two way verbal conversations, and even David Cochrans EZ-AI and your EZ-Face to make it super smart. If you ever did this, I would save for the plane ticket to come and visit. If I had the cash (and the work space), I would love to take a crack at it myself. It was always the dream. And the great thing is, using and 85 T-top, it wouldn't look out of place or dated sitting next to any car of today, and would be one of the best project showcases on here.:D

Have I convinced you yet?;)


It's kool Steve g no theft of thread done lol I would however love to see the General lee powered by the ezb v4 that would be one beautiful piece of technological muscle car lol and also dom's 1973 Plymouth Hemi cuda totally love to see that or even the rally style beast mode 1967 4x4 custom dodge charger from fast @ furious 7

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I just saw Chappie... what a serious disappointment... There is almost 2 hours of my life I will never get back.... It is so juvenile and cheesy... Somebody please make a good robot movie... please! We need one.... :P


well if they would make short circuit 3 or even a modern updated remake of short circuit that would be a great movie.

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Somebody please make a good robot movie... please! We need one....

You know what, with skilled robot builders on the forum such as yourself, video editors such as myself, and other quality skills that the other community members have on here, along with DJ as producer, I reckon we could throw together a pretty good move ourselves that would blow a lot of the others (can't comment on "Chappie", as I haven't seen it) out of the water.

And we have a special effects expert with us courtesy of @fxrtrs Will, and probably others I'm not aware of. With a collaboration of EZ-Robot staff and members, we could knock out a blockbuster for sure.

What do you reckon. Cannes, here we come?;)


Now that would be an excellent idea, I would love to see a movie made by ez-robot and the community it could incorporate ez-robot in the movie and could show every one the possibilities are endless with ez-robot even making a major sci-fi robot movie lol, great thinking Steve G

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I would be an interesting movie to make, that's for sure. While I was thinking what would be cool to watch, I had the idea of something like an "Avengers assemble" kind of thing, where we could have all our favourite movie and TV robots (copyright issues aside for a moment) such as R2D2, B9, Jonny 5, K-9, Wall-e, and Jarvis... all the best elements from good movies,

Along with the new and upcoming robot movie stars such as the Revolution bots, InMoov's, Captain Ann, Altair EZ-2, and of course Omega;) to name but a few. It could have the makings of one heck of a film. Anyway, back to the real world.:P


Lol that would be awsome I would love to make like a sci-fi comic movie of omega and roll-x it would be pretty cool and thank u lol


I recently watched this movie which really an amazing movie that i has't seen before there were another movies this year that are based on robots such as ex-machina that had also very good impressions and this is how i always used to watch online trailer on YouTube before going for movie in theaters and here is another blockbuster movie jurassic world i am also so excited about this movie what you all think about this.


I seen ex machina, I was an excellent movie, it had a little of every thing in it, It did get creepy threw out some parts but it was awesome I think they are going to making part 2 soon