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Can Anyone Recommend A Wireless Joystick Controller?

Hey guys,

Sorry for all the questions but I recently got a wave of ideas and I need to fine out if they would work with using the EZ- B Controller. Anyway,

Can anyone recommend a wireless joystick controller like the wireless xbox controller or the PS3 controller or any other wireless joystick controller that works really the best with the EZ- B Controller?

I really like to use the left stick to either X or Y axis and the right to control also either the X or Y axis also I would like all the buttons to work in junction with a MP3 trigger. for example : I can assign all the buttons to a specific mp3 sample and assign the D-pad to toggle through all the mp3 files that are stored on the card. And maybe make one button like a random button, by pressing it, it randomly selects a file and plays it.

Any recommendations on a controller that would work these task that I'm asking? Or is this something ez-b does already and I haven't played around enough to find it.



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Seems like the Wii remote is a good place to start:

I haven't had a chance to play with this functionality myself but I'd like to be able to do exactly what you're talking about and was counting on the Wii remote being the way to go.


Ps3 controllers are good. Lynx robots regulary use them , my personal fav


I would like to stay away from the Wii controller. I'm more interested in any controller that provides my extra button function for the ez-b to work, other than using the standard 12 buttons.


I love using my wireless xbox 360 controllers, here's a link to an ez-robot forum thread about it:)


Equally cool suggestion for xbox 360 controller. And xbox controllers are easy to mod with different lights , casses ect. Amount of buttons is comparable too. I just liked ps3 because they charge from usb so you dont need special charger or the actual system with you to charge the remote. Still a great option if you wana customize a controller, maybe add a usb female plug on the controller to charge from ezb?


i thought the wii controller had an infrared screen on the front and it has to have an infrared receiver board in front of it? i didnt see any bluetooth symbol on the wii controller that i seen... please explain how it can connect to bluetooth


@thegoodrobot you can press F1 or hit the question mark on any control in ARC. There will either be a video, or explanation on how to use the control. That accesses the online help



So im trying to hook up the ps3 controller to the pc via a usb....the driver installed and the ezb does "see" it but i cant assign any of the buttons.

i un click the 1st joystick(from the default) and assign it a specific servo, and nothing. (also,i did download the motionjoy driver and nothing. not even sure how to use that thing.)

im down to buy a pc controller, but would suck to find out later i could have used my ps3 controller.

any help would be appreciated



Hello Hoolagen1,

One way to tell if your joystick is working with ARC is to open up the joystick control, select your joystick from the drop down if it isn't already selected, click on the config button, then press on some of the buttons, if the different button selections are lighting up blue whenever you press a button you are golden. If that doesn't work, maybe try another driver for your joystick until you can get the buttons to become active.

Once you have that working write in a command like ServoDown(d18, 2) in the Btn Down Cmd category and then something like Servo(d18,16) to return the servo to a certain position once you've released the button that you have written these commands for.