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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Better Search On Synthiam Community Web Site

Is there anyway to improve search in community using google or any other program?  I can't seem to get the answer I need and I know it must be in Community.  I would like to cut my time in finding things and have better access to all information. The existing system rarely brings back the information I asked for.  I saw somewhere on  a post to use Google on Synthiam.  How does that work.

Any ideas?

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Thanks Dave and DJ for getting back to me.

First Dave I was maybe missing something.  first I set the speed to zero as tutorial stated.  Then I entered where I want my servo's to start as tutorial.  Then I entered correct speeds for all the servo's.  I found that any servo I have that moves very far runs full speed to servo start position.  I found that for them I entered my correct starting speed in my first list of speeds and it fixes the problem.  Is the tutorial wrong?  It seems to me you would want to first set your servo speeds to the speed you want them to operate at.  Then you would want to enter location you want them to start at but the tutorial says not to do that for some reason I don't know.  Below you will see the tutorial I had my questions with.

Name of Tutorial is "Connection"

Tutorial:  # This will clear the servo speeds for initialization.

ServoSpeed(D1, 0)
ServoSpeed(D2, 0)
ServoSpeed(D3, 0)
ServoSpeed(D4, 0)
ServoSpeed(D5, 0)
ServoSpeed(D6, 0)
ServoSpeed(D7, 0)

# The following will move the servos into desired starting positions.

Servo(D1, 90)
Servo(D2, 40)
Servo(D3, 90)
Servo(D4, 90)
Servo(D5, 38)
Servo(D6, 82)
Servo(D7, 40)

# The following will now set the servo speed for these servos which will be
#used from now on.

ServoSpeed(D1, 2)
ServoSpeed(D2, 3)
ServoSpeed(D3, 1)
ServoSpeed(D4, 2)
ServoSpeed(D5, 1)
ServoSpeed(D6, 3)
ServoSpeed(D7, 2)

Second DJ I am very confused about the statement that I only show one word searches.  I have tried 1-2-3 words.  Mostly only 1 word searches return anything for me.  When I try most two word searches I get " Showing results 1 to 9 of about 0
No results found. Please review your query. Even when I get a  response for a two word search, the results I get are not applicable to my search.  I really do try to use search often when I am working on my Robots.  I have now gotten in the habit of only thinking two or three word searches don't work or do not bring anything applicable back.  That is my fault.  I will try again to use the multiple word searches.  My main concern is not being able to efficiently access the extremely valuable information on Community.  It would sure get a load off of your team if we could better search for exactly what we need.

DJ thanks for the code.  I am sure it will work and will try it.  I did find out that if I want something to happen at the end of the actions, I can enter a script on the last action edit screen.  The only problem I have then is once I get it going I sometimes can't get the thing to stop.  I am still working on it.

Tomorrow I am responding in more detail about my project with video and script.  I hope this will show you better what I am doing.

Thanks for all the help.  Ellis
I just wanted to get the information on my question above on the initiation script.  What will happen if I take out all the speed 0 and move the real speed where it was?  Then I would be setting the servo's to the speed I want on startup then tell the servo's what position they need to go to under real speed.  The tutorial said not to do this it wouldn't work.  What answer is correct?  The tutorial way or the way I want to initiate with no speed 0?  

From what @DJ has told me in the past, the servos need to be initialized to a value (position) before the speed is adjusted. The speed calculation needs that value as a starting reference. This is why most of our previous robots started at a calibration position (such as 90 degrees).
You got it. You’ll find more info in the ezscript manual
I will consider this answered. I still do not understand why when I put the slower speed first it solves my initiation problem. This keeps my robot from jerking to starting position. Just must be right by accident. 

Thanks for explaining several of the things above.
If you do want to try a Google Search of the contents of the site, just add site:https://synthiam.com/Community to the beginning of your search.  As DJ said, you should see hte same results, although the result format will be different and perhaps more usable for you.  (the site: tag is useful in Google for other sites that don't have good internal search engines).