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Auto Position Movement Panel

Little puzzled on the Auto Position Movement Panel.

I total get Modified servo Movement control, I love it for driving my 2 wheel servo robot. I understand mostly the Auto Position control.

What I struggle with it the Auto Position Movement Panel which is like a combo of the two. For driving the robot around, I don't see where or understand how I can set the servos pins for the left, right, forward, reverse and stop buttons. confused

I watched DJ's video covering how he made JD move and wave his arms. I get the concept of the frames. I just don't know how to use the arrow keys. Do you have to assign them to frames or actions?


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The Auto Position Movement Panel does not use modified servos. It uses regular standard servos... that might be the confusion?

There is a ? on every control next to the X. Press the ? button to view the help for the Auto Position control. There is a video which explains how it works. :)


From what I gather (since I haven't messed with the Auto Position Movement Panel myself yet) this control would be used to move robots like JD and six (hence the use of arrow keys)... These types of robots, although using regular servos still need someway to move forward, left, right, reverse... etc.. You can attach action and frames to say JD to move him forward... mapped to the forward movement arrow.... Left, right and reverse would also have actions and frames mapped to appropriate arrow keys as well...


That lets me to another question. Is there a way to add a servo release control to the frame?


@Richard has it correct. Some robots, like humanoids and hexapods, etc... need some way to move. So the Auto Position allows you to create animations for those robots.

I guess if you wanted the servo to release after a specific frame or action, you can add script code to it.

You can add EZ-Script to either frames or actions.

There are ? buttons next to every command in the Auto Position configuration menu. You will find the appropriate places for editing EZ-Script in those menu options. Simply hover your mouse cursor over and voila! :D