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Auto Position Ezb1

When setting up an Auto Position Frame, how do I select which EZB Controller?



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I must be missing something. In the settings, the only Variables I see I can change are Current Action, Current Frame and Is Active.

What I would like to do is in my configuration script:


$LeftIndexFinger = "1.D0"
$RightMiddleFinger = "D1"

Now in the Auto Position use the variables not the port numbers.
That is what I thought.
But Nothing is impossible for you.
you are the great DJ Sures The Robot Overlord we all know and love.
The impossible only takes you a little longer.
You have proven this time and time again.

I have no doubt that some day we will be able to.

Thank you for everything you do.
We all love the EZ-Robot Products and the Software.
@rz90208 -

Were you able to get AutoPosition to work on 2 boards like you wanted? I am also building an InMoov and have 2 Lotiny in each arm and a single ezb4 for everything else.
@Holy1 The servo auto positioner control will work on any board (1,2,3,4 etc), not just board 0... Look under settings in the auto positioner control to choose which board you want to use with it... You can have more than one Auto Position control in a project (only one Movement Panel though)...
@ Richard R.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I understand you can have more than one Auto Position control in a project.
I should have said, (trying to be more clear) was he able to move 2 different servos attached to two different boards from inside one Auto Position control window.

Like move the eyes on board one and wiggle fingers on the loTiny (board 2) inside the Actions portion of the Auto Position control.

It looks like this is not possible.
Hi Nomad 6R

Thanks, I had seen this but it is not the same thing.
@Holy1 not using a single auto positioner you can't ... Just write simple scripts (using the cheat sheet/control commands) to drive frames or actions on 2 or more different boards. This way you can can control one or more auto-positioner controls at once... e.g... Fingers move in one auto-positioner at the same time head moves in another auto-positioner control... and so on...

Thanks, I will work on that as learning scripting is next on the list as my Inmoov is ready to go ( as much as I am going to do for now) .
Yeah - create a different Auto Position for different servo groups. Such as one for the fingers, and one for everything else...

then you can execute them like so in ez-script..


ControlCommand("Auto Position Body", AutoPositionAction, "Arm Down")
ControlCommand("Auto Position Fingers", AutoPositionAction, "Fingers Out")

# Wait for auto positions to complete
waitfor($AutoPositionStatus = 0)

ControlCommand("Auto Position Fingers", AutoPositionAction, "Peace Sign")

# Wait for auto positions to complete
waitfor($AutoPositionStatus = 0)

ControlCommand("Auto Position Body", AutoPositionAction, "Arm Up")
ControlCommand("Auto Position Finger", AutoPositionAction, "Fingers In")
Yes, all movement panels are EZ-B 0 only.

i think this is a good pic for explanning it. no settings.

User-inserted image
here a pic with drop down list to choose connections.

User-inserted image
Thanks everyone...

This is why I love this forum... so much good advice

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Hey frank - also see where it highlights in when people type Movement Panel ? Click on that because it's got some good info. Explains in more detail why movement panels work the way they do - and how they integrate with the software.
The new normal version of ARC does not have the settings at all for the movement panel.
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This thread is outdated and is 3 years old. The way to select the ezb index is during selecting the servo in the Auto Position editor...

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