Upgrade to ARC Pro

With ARC Pro, your robot is not just a machine; it's your creative partner in the journey of technological exploration.


Just my thoughts on it... I have more faith in Asus being able to deliver. Also, Asus is looking for developers to help out. This is more of a crowd programmed methodology which will help attract more developers/DIY/Inventor types.


My goodness, that was the longest, most boring commercial for a robot I have seen. The really dialed up the sap for that. Don't get me wrong, I want one, just as long as I never have to see any of those people in the commercial again, LOL "Grandpaw needs a new belt" <barf> ;)


"Seeing is believing", there are so many robots being funded, developed. Not all will succeed.

beside the basic sensors: encoders, ultrasonic sensors, there are no lidar or depth camera.

The robot will use heavily the video camera, video processing is cpu intensive, ARMs cpu are slow, i'm curious how the robots will localize and navigate in a dynamic environment e.g. Household.


The AMY M1 has the depth camera on their upper end robots. It is under the screen. I have no clue what it is though. I have been talking to their tech team through emails. I will have a phone conversation with them next week.

On the Asus bot, I have signed up to be a developer for them. We will see if they invite me in:) User-inserted image


Haha that's an embarrassing commercial, holy!

You and I all know where Robotics is at - and the limitation of useful navigation, recognition, etc.. It's amazing what features you can present using special effects in a commercial (jibo's failure is a great example). The fact is, we will get there... But these silly "personal robots" are not the way.


I still can't get my mind around the amount of money Jibo raised and they could not deliver? I knew from the video on indiegogo that it was not a working prototype but rather a bit of cgi, radio control and dubbed voices. That's the difference in indiegogo and Kickstarter, indiegogo allows anyone without a working prototype to submit and Kickstarter does not. We had to submit a lot of videos and pictures to them before they would approve Alan.


It's too bad there wasn't more news around Alan. Just in the fact that it actually worked and wasn't a cgi or faked video. If people understood the difference, jibo would be where it belongs...


Yes the name of the game is exposure. This next go around will be a different offering. Hopefully we spend more time promoting and less time rushing to meet an ever pushed deadline!

Imagine what many in this community could do with the money that was raised and lost by the folks who didn't create Jibo? For someone like me who has a serious passion for robotics, it just infuriates me. It also tarnishes the general publics opinions on robotics when they get burned like this.


@fxrtst, curious who/where does it say Jibo is not coming? Delayed many times...Yes


I saw a Jibo at Speechtek conference in DC a few weeks ago. Stupid looking bot, but the voice stuff was very impressive.



Ah I stand corrected. I based my assumptions on older news. It does indeed look to be 2 years in the making almost $4,000,000 in crowdfunds and $23 million from the private sector, and it almost does as much as the Amazons echo which prices in at. $90 dollars ( the dot). I'm being cynical but point being with those long delays ( maybe October) technology has zoomed past Jibos original interesting offerings. But at least they built something to send to backers. More than I can say for the myriad of crowdfunding failures like drones, 3D printers and coolers :/


Hey, guys!! just for your information, I got myself a Zenbo last week.  I absolutely LOVE it!  For the price  you cannot beat it.  It made me laugh when it came up with some emergent behavior. It was just standing by two women in the hall talking.  I think they were putting another lady down. Anyway, out of the blue, Zenbo says "aren't you being a little mean to this person?" It freaked them out.

The main problem I have with Zenbo is that it was 100% Chinese when it came in. I managed to overcome this, but, have spent many hours working on this.

I have had a   GREAT Christmas. I got an I-Pal and a Zenbo. I was supposed to be dead by  now, but, I am still hanging in there.  I was a little selfish for Christmas.  I said what the Hay, I might as well.

Mel :-)


Glad to hear you are still doing well and enjoying your robots.

I once asked a 100 year old man what his secret was, and he said "don't stop breathing"  so Don't stop breathing Mel!




these are great gifs youve got.happy new year


Hi Mel, Glad your still kicking and having fun. Congrats on the new companion. It looks like great fun. I want one now.

[color=#111111][size=2][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm so glad you had such a good holiday season. Now h[/font][/size][/color]ave a wonderful new year. I'm sure we'll still be hearing [color=#111111][size=2][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]from you [/font][/size][/color]about new adventures this same time next year.