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Another Home/Social Robot Aido

Déjà vu ?

same price point $700 same type of funding same markets

differences: different design (a spinning ball) creative ? from the picture uses 2 raspberry PIs plus the android tablet you can add a projector for 199

can they deliver ? it seams surreal the prices and the features ...

I have the restricted policy "Seeing is believing"


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I'm not sure. Seems like a lot of delicate stuff to put balancing on a ball and call it "kid friendly".


lol - crowd funding at it's finest! It's an easy way to steal money from people because they think the product already exists. They don't realize that they're "investing" on a gamble if it can be produced. That won't be produced.

It belongs with jibo, in dream land!


A couple of things....

It is not possible to make a reliable robot for what they are charging.

There should be no higher cost for the developer version.

This is crowd funded which equals giving money to someone you don't know anything about in hopes that they will be able to pull this off and will not walk with the money. I don't have a problem crowd funding for someone that I know something about, but not for someone I know nothing about.

There is a reason that they couldn't get an investor to sign on.

It is simply not going to pan out for them in the long run. I may be wrong, but time will tell.


Jibo is a great example that even with investment - it's not going to happen:)

The funny thing about Jibo is that it's pretty much what ez-robot already does. Any of you can whip a Jibo up in no time... but that's the difference between a product like ez-robot and starting from scratch. The first problem with Jibo is it was designed by someone with absolutely ZERO technical ability or experience.

Jibo raised $40 Million USD! Can you imagine? Ha, and they still don't have anything. I had a meeting with Intel last year with their investor group - and they asked "could you help jibo?". EZ-Robot has it's own path, so i didn't entertain the question.

I feel if this product gets any attention at all, it will end up with the same fate as Jibo... vaporware


There is a pattern, replicate the pattern, ask for the money, work like a Nasa engineer building the next Mars spaceship, and if does not work blame the Gravity !

What's funny is every project brings something smelly. Zano project they wanted an outdoor navigation based in infrared sensors.

if you read each story carefully you will find smelly details, but everyone is so in love with the idea, they don't see it.

JIBO: i had the idea they were a viable project, mentor came from the MIT, so i expected some success on top of the existent research/work, no vaporware.


You really think jibo will be a product? Even after so many years of hiding - and the CES disappointment? Where it was tethered to a laptop and merely moved around and took random photos. It may exist, but it's not going to deliver expected features.

MIT doesn't mean product... MIT means education.

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Sorry to open such an old thread, but... As everyone is aware, Jibo did make it to market. But last year the company folded, and now all the users are, well, mourning the soon-to-be "death" of a friend that they have come to truly care about.

While there may not be a gold mine opportunity, there may be a modest source of revenue if someone were to be able to duplicate the Jibo api and sell subscriptions (DJ Sures, Cochrane Robotics, Robomodix - hint hint!).

If you don't think that people are really hurting over Jibo, check out the posts on the Jibo Owners Group on FaceBook. They're heartbreaking.


hi warpig

same happened whit the alpha 2 robot from ubtech on indiego.they sold more then 1 million and then the server dissepear. there is a high risk if you by something from a crowfunding like indiego.i still have my alpha 2 in box if anyone interested. few days ago i got mail from robotis they discontinue there darwin robot.

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Vector and Cozmo will become paperweights shortly.

I don't think crowdfunding is the problem, I think it's bad financial planning, coupled with a company's bad decision to look at and accept best-case scenarios. In any case, it's the consumers that suffer.

Too bad there isn't a way to convert all these poor bots to EZ-Robot.


what i also notest when making poses with UB robot and you store these. next update all your work is can use UB robots whit ez robot. some here uses the alpha 1.