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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Amplifying Audio From A Iotiny

Im using the soundboard exb to play audio files but they are very faint.  Is there a way to add an amplifier like on the ezb?  I couldn't find a seperate audio out other than the speaker plug.   The default voice from the IoTiny sound good but not my audio files which are mp3,  i amplified the files in Audacity but they are still faint.

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You can right click and normalize the audio when editing the track in the soundboard 

connect an external amplifier to the speaker output jack if you want a different speaker
Ok thanks, I'll give that a go.  I wasn't sure I could if the output was already amplified.
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The output is amplified, but you’d have to control the volume

there might be a direct breakout from the dac, I don’t know where it is. Can always check the schematic for the iotiny on GitHub https://github.com/synthiam/E-20_EZ-B_IoTiny

or someone who knows a better answer might chime in:D

you can use mp3 volumer to make mp3 files louder.
there are more of this kind of tools.mp3 normalizer for excample.

mp3 volumer
EZang  good find.
you can also use speakers from an old pc screen.
I have a 4 inch pyle speaker that sounds good with the default voice that comes with the Iotiny, like when it says the battery is low, my MP3s don't.  I'll have to play with the audio files and see if the problem is with them.  I'll also have to try as a wav file and see what that does.
I very confident that the MP3s (or MP3 encoder) you are using is giving you a lower volume. Usually MP3s and Wav files are louder that the default voice. The speaker that comes with the IoTiny is quite loud with the onboard amplified circuit.

Here's an MP3 that I use to test with: Future_Chiptune.zip

There is no DAC breakout on the IoTiny but you can solder to the left side of C11 if you'd like to run the audio to your own amplified circuit, at this point I feel like it'd be easier to figure out your encoding issue but anyway here's the location if you're feeling adventurous:

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