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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

ARC Shortcut Creator

Does Shortcut Creator work in ARC?

The Create Shortcut and Copy file path to clipboard are both greyed out and not clickable

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United Kingdom
I'm trying to create a auto connect script using the EZ-Load Creater, but as I get to saving the shortcut, the Create shortcut box and  the Copy file to clipboard box is greyed out, and won't allow me to select them?
I have completed step 1-4 in the EZ-Load Creater correctly.

Any idea why?

I'm using the latest ARC release.
Hey guys - i took a look and ARC indeed has this issue. I fixed it and it will be included in today's release later this evening. Thanks for the heads up:)
United Kingdom
Thanks DJ, I’ll try it out later day.