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It sounds as though it uses a lot of the same as Pandora Bots to be honest


It'll be neat if it is successful. I'm always looking toward integration new features:)

I do see he has a lot of challenges ahead.

Wish I could integrate with Siri! The speech recognition in Siri blows my mind.


Re: Siri... Technically you can, but it will cost. Nuance, the VR engine behind SIRI offers a product and multi-platform api called NINA, but being a commercial hosted product, it may cost more than you want to spend. If they price it like their other hosted VRU products, it will be billed per minute of use. (I was just involved in writing an rfp and contract with them for a different speech technology. I can't disclose their prices, but it is going to cost my company well over a million per year).

Google recognition is getting pretty good and there are web/iPhone and Android api's for it, and so far it is free.



thetechguru i have iphone 4 s whit siri standard on mean, if i use it i have to pay for it?


@Nomad18.08, no, but apple is paying when anyone uses it.

if you owned a company that had a product that used speech recognition, and you chose to use the product that siri uses for speech recognition, you would have to pay to use that product to have it be a part of your product.


ah lucky again.thank you

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Just re-watched the video and I am convinced that it's nothing more than integration with PandoraBots or an offline version of PandoraBots. Basically this means the functionality of this "AI" is already in ARC.

Unless I have missed something (other than the pretty looking system resources info dotted around the app and a command to look up on facebook - which I'm not convinced isn't scripted information anyway).

Try it. Add a PandoraBots control or log on to pandorabots and run the same commands, the responses are largely the same... Spend some time training the bot and your answers could be exactly the same. Spend some time with the control and you will have a robot that is better than what they are offering.


I did not get very far with Pandora. She froze ARC with me and killed the keyboard momentarily until I shut her down. It seems she needs a lot of training.


... or you need a faster PC Mel... Pandora works as expected for me..


@RichR, Pandora is Fast enough. Just the response is not what I would like.

If I tell pandora "my wife's name is Sunshine" and I ask "What is my wifes name", she will reply: some wierd off of the wall answer that is not grammatically correct. Then, She will say "you never told me your wife's name is Sunshine" What is your wifes name? I tell her my wife's name. When I ask her again, she does the same scenario again. Of course, I realize that she has not been trained yet. So, I say "LEARN my wife's name is Sunshine." Learn my dogs name is Peanut. What is my wifes name? ---- she doesn't know. What is my dog's name ----she doesn't know.


The virtual assistant that I like is Mitzuku. She is a pandorabot, but she works like the way I want the bot to work. But, she is not for sale and she is not open source. She is FREE to use online. But, no source code, etc.


I didn't know these AI programs (like Pandora bot) had the ability to remember things you tell them (I was under the impression they just respond to users queries) ... Does it have a huge data base somewhere to remember everyone's info (that seems very unlikely)? Does it store that info on your hard drive or is it just in memory as long as the current session runs?

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Log in to the Pandora Bot website and set up the bot the correct way. You will see there are a whole load of options available. You will, as previously stated, need a custom bot so you need to sign up and set all of that up. You will also need to set it up in ARC.

You can train it by typing in responses in the setup, by chatting to it on the browser (by typing) or by talking to it.


The man's chatbot is proprietary, so I don't know.

Also, Thank Both of you for the info.

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Just a small note, I am pretty sure (but not certain since it's been 18 months since I set up Jarvis and Melvin's bots) that the bot needs to be in learn mode to have it remember things like dog's name etc.


I have been using the UltraHal software. It remembers names, birthdays, appointments, etc. and whatever you tell it and will give reminders. It can also learn by association, using "If/Then" statements. It has a Brain editor and has an enormous database containing many thousands of possible responses or you can start with a very basic brain and build up a database yourself. It can open programs for you or search the web for specific information you request. It can remember phone numbers and can also dial the number for you if you want. I am just not sure how I would use it with ARC. Maybe someone will discover a way to adapt it eventually.


Is Pandora bot a pay for service type program? I went to the site as from a post above by Rich, and tried to customize but there were only 3 "chatbots: there, Alice,Mitsuki, and sphinx. Where do I need to go to set things up on there site. Everywhere I clicked it did nothing. Thanks

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Sign up for an account. It is free but donations are accepted and I personally advise it (and donate myself) so it can continue and improve..

Basically, if it works for you give them a bit of cash for the service provided. If not then you walk away no worse off than before.

Edit: Corrected phone dyslexia - thanks Tony!:)

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Rich, have you gone a bit dyslexic lately? :D

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I was on my phone when doing that, I haven't seen it since it's on the previous page... Have I made some boo boos? Hate my phone, it really doesn't work with my fingers sometimes.

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Rich, you had me worried, not like you to have spelling errors!

Dragon 13 has just come out and I hope to be evaluating it soon - supposed to be even better but I was happy with DNS11 so it will be cool to see how good DNS13 is now, it must be awesome.