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A Place To Buy Robot Cases?

Hi Mates,

I'm a very bad fabricator and have been scouring the web for a robot case that would look nice in a contemporary high tech office / home and can't find anyone who sells cool looking robot cases. It just can't look like a tool chest with wheels. I've completed a mini scale of the autonomous bot with the rover chassis and I have the parts to build a larger scale but duct tape and dragging the components on the ground in a bin behind it won't cut it with my wife. It just needs to carry laundry and groceries with a basket about the size of a laundry basket. I've considered some bad-ass looking computer cases ($60-$120 us) but I'm not sure how to mount my wheelchair motors without it looking bad.

Much thanks,



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If it is a large robot, you might look at car luggage carriers.
Here's one idea from Pepper's base that would be pretty cool:

3 wheel base

It would have a triangular base with two wheelchair motors for steering and one swivel wheel. The basket would be mounted on top.

Hhhhmmmm.... Re Luggage carriers, I'm looking them up now.

How about a large Pelican case like the 1550 or 1600?
Buy a luggage case and then go to harbor freight and buy 2 or 3 packs of foam mats. They are 3/4 inch thick. also buy a hot knife while you are there 19.99. Gently trace out the shape with the hot knife and use spray glue to adhere the layers , tada!
Have you looked at Zagrosrobotics.com? they have some nice robot chassis. I have a couple of them myself, and at pretty good prices.