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3 Wire Ping Sensor

Hi everyone. I have purchased a Parallax ping sensor because it comes with a black Lexan holder that mounts the ping plus IR sensor.

I was wondering, it comes with three wires not 4 as the EZB one. I have an EZB ping sensor I received with my EZB v3 developer kit. I may have to see if it would fit the holder.

I have attached the link for the Parallax sensor.

Parallax Ping Sensor PDF

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It will work fine, just use the same port # for trigger and echo... Make sure however you use a 5V regulator like you would with the ez robot ping (if you are using it with the ezb4)....


don't forget to use a 5v regulator for the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor that came with v3 kit.


Thanks. I am using a voltage regulator to adjust the voltage output of the EZB to 5v plus or minus .1v. Will that be ok?

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When you say "voltage output of the EZB" I assume you mean the Red pin outputs of the servo pins etc, if so yes that is OK.

I've just done this putting a 5v Reg to the SF04 ultrasonic unit, works just fine!

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Yes that should be fine. I just checked the parallax ping voltage and I can confirm it is +5 VDC so your golden. Just to confirm what Richard said, the trigger and Echo use the same signal pin, which in some ways is better as it frees up a digital port compared to using a 4 wire one. :)


I use the Parallax Ping with the EZ-B without the regulator.

You connect the power and ground to an analog power pin A0 for example and the signal pin to the EZ-B digital port. The example I've attached, I connected the signal pin to D2.

I know it isn't good form but it works and you don't need the regulator.



I think I will use the analog for power. Thanks everyone for all the help.



Good call. I will take it off another 5v I have available on my robot. Thanks Rich.