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The LattePanda Robot Hack

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I'm hacking the lattepanda to control Robotis Dynamixel servos and use a USB camera for machine vision. This will be a fun hack because the LattePanda is a powerful robot controller when it's running EZ-Builder and the appropriate Arduino middleware firmware. See you tonight!

Hi all,
Thanks to Jeremie and Dj for the advice they gave. I got the Gravity IO expansion board that breaks out to a full Arduino Leonardo, got a 7.4 LIPO (2200mah), DC 2.1 barrel jack (for easy connection to the board/LattePanda), and tried the horizontal slider for the servo i had trouble with. No issues. I switched the servos back and forth fairly quickly and no issues/brown out/restarts of the Panda. I got a pretty good size heatsink from an old server and used the Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste between the chips and the heatsink with fan. Using EZ-builder, and some servos I can keep the Panda around 44 - 52 degrees Celsius. Under like 75% CPU utilization plus, The heat was high, but never exceeded 65-70 Celsius. So not too bad heat, I think. I got a 5 inch HDMI screen to use for some other projects, etc. for l any other robots as small as possible. I want to use the Panda on DJ's Darth Vader so that I can output voice through Clownfish or something to automatically give the Darth Vader voice to a Pandorabot chat. That way he will sound like Darth on the fly, instead of premade sound files. This setup opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. And as DJ said I find Windows a little easier to navigate instead of Linux (I know guys Linux rules! LOL). Plus some other Arduino connectivity now that I have the IO expansion board. Anyway any other forward movement I make on this I will keep you all posted if interested. Thanks again guys!
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Hello DJ Sures and forum....

allow me to present you after many years of working with EZ-B micro controllers (from EZ-B V1&2 to EZ-B v4 ) my 95cm  Services Robot TALOS!!
It is a movement Services robot with many sensors with 7 inch ips lcd. Also it can  speak Greek!!! ( i am Greek!)

At first i want to share some photos and a small video... 

As always, your opinion is usefull 

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@sakis33 this robot looks awesome, is it 3d printed? It looks like you are having a ton of hardware build in!!
You should open a new post with your robot idea, to make a showcase of its functionality and to keep the forum organized!
This way your robot will be more easy to find for other members of this forum!!:)
I'm curious as to the various flavors of the Panda. I see another one listed as Alpha and Delta. They seem to be a bit more powerful with each version.....more RAM and different CPUs. I cant seem to find if there is an  Arduino on the alpha and deltas...anyone know?


I cant seem to find if there is an Arduino on the alpha and deltas...anyone know?
Yes Arduino Leonardo.

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Thanks Pedro! Seems some of the hardware like the 10 inch touch screen don’t work with these versions.:(