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The LattePanda Robot Hack

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I'm hacking the lattepanda to control Robotis Dynamixel servos and use a USB camera for machine vision. This will be a fun hack because the LattePanda is a powerful robot controller when it's running ARC and the appropriate Arduino middleware firmware. See you tonight!


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I know my wording about an external power supply could be a bit confusing but it doesn’t necessarily mean a secondary supply. It just means that you should bypass the power coming through the Panda regulator, you can still use a single supply you just need to make sure to stay with the servo voltage specifications.
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Buy the latte panda servo shield that I posted earlier and provide it adequate power. Servos require plenty of amps because they’re motors. Watch the live hack video for the latte panda and you’ll see servos were controlled fine if provided adequate power
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Wow that TightVNC program was a great suggestion,that will even save some money when all those extra connections no longer needed on the Latte Panda! Too bad about the low res HDMI problem though.
So I did finally order the Latte Panda upgraded model with the 4 Gig ram and I noticed the awesome sensor pack they sell at the DF robot site, so thinking later I will get that with the upgrade shield for servos and sensors, sounds like fun times ahead!`
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@robo rad

I’m thinking in getting a Latte Panda for my InMoov, what’s the Latte Panda upgraded model??
cem, it is the same version 1.0 Latte Panda but just has double the Ram at 4 Gig instead of 2 Gig and double the storage memory at 64 Gig instead of the basic 32. I also ordered the extra 7" display panel that can fit on my robot's chest. An additional touch overlay can also go on top of the display to make it just like a touch tablet.Oh yes and the clear acrylic case to protect the panda but still see any indicator lights through .
Hi all,
Thanks to Jeremie and Dj for the advice they gave. I got the Gravity IO expansion board that breaks out to a full Arduino Leonardo, got a 7.4 LIPO (2200mah), DC 2.1 barrel jack (for easy connection to the board/LattePanda), and tried the horizontal slider for the servo i had trouble with. No issues. I switched the servos back and forth fairly quickly and no issues/brown out/restarts of the Panda. I got a pretty good size heatsink from an old server and used the Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste between the chips and the heatsink with fan. Using ARC, and some servos I can keep the Panda around 44 - 52 degrees Celsius. Under like 75% CPU utilization plus, The heat was high, but never exceeded 65-70 Celsius. So not too bad heat, I think. I got a 5 inch HDMI screen to use for some other projects, etc. for l any other robots as small as possible. I want to use the Panda on DJ's Darth Vader so that I can output voice through Clownfish or something to automatically give the Darth Vader voice to a Pandorabot chat. That way he will sound like Darth on the fly, instead of premade sound files. This setup opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. And as DJ said I find Windows a little easier to navigate instead of Linux (I know guys Linux rules! LOL). Plus some other Arduino connectivity now that I have the IO expansion board. Anyway any other forward movement I make on this I will keep you all posted if interested. Thanks again guys!
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Hello DJ Sures and forum....

allow me to present you after many years of working with EZ-B micro controllers (from EZ-B V1&2 to EZ-B v4 ) my 95cm  Services Robot TALOS!!
It is a movement Services robot with many sensors with 7 inch ips lcd. Also it can  speak Greek!!! ( i am Greek!)

At first i want to share some photos and a small video... 

As always, your opinion is usefull 

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@sakis33 this robot looks awesome, is it 3d printed? It looks like you are having a ton of hardware build in!!
You should open a new post with your robot idea, to make a showcase of its functionality and to keep the forum organized!
This way your robot will be more easy to find for other members of this forum!!:)
I'm curious as to the various flavors of the Panda. I see another one listed as Alpha and Delta. They seem to be a bit more powerful with each version.....more RAM and different CPUs. I cant seem to find if there is an  Arduino on the alpha and deltas...anyone know?


I cant seem to find if there is an Arduino on the alpha and deltas...anyone know?
Yes Arduino Leonardo.

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Thanks Pedro! Seems some of the hardware like the 10 inch touch screen don’t work with these versions.:(
Might use these on my android build!
Will - i think any touch screen with USB would work. The USB driver would be supported by the OS - and this case, Microsoft Windows. I don't know of any USB device that doesn't have a windows driver :D. Unless the touch screen is connected via I2C or something.... If it's USB, it'll work with the latte panda or anything running Windows.
Yeppers! That post was from last summer. I got a 10 inch touch screen and works great with the Panda. I’ll be installing everything in episode 5!
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I think when you were looking for a 10 inch touch screen for the Panda you found it hard to get one that was touch screen?

Which one did you buy in the end, is it for the Latte Panda with the special video cable, or the standard HTML video connector, or both?

I have a 7 inch touch screen on my Inmoov for the Latte Panda with standard HTML connector, but it’s so hard and frustrating to use the touch screen accurately due to the size of screen, and I have small fingers!!

I’m thinking of replacing it with a 10 inch touch screen and really wished I brought the 10 inch screen in the first place.
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Yes I am very happy with this version. I got the 7 inch first and agreed I just could not see or touch the screen very well. This one has: 
HIGH RESOLUTION - The 10.1 inch IPS touchscreen LCD monitor with high resolution of 1280×800 pixels.
PLUG AND PLAY - Just connect the control board and the screen by an HDMI cable and it can work immediately no driver.
here is the link:

10 inch touch display
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Thanks Will, that’s the one I’ve been looking at ( SunFounder ), the only issue is it’s 12v powered, which would mean I would have to rethink my whole power system on my Inmoov, not a massive issue, but would require extra work!
@CEM, what is your main power voltage? You can simply use a boost or buck converter just in front of the display. Eiser then redoing your power grid.
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I only run my Inmoov from battery as I don’t want it tied via cable to a mains socket.
l have a 7.4v @ 4amps running the 3x EZB controllers, power amp, and a DC to DC converters for the 5v supply for the latte panda and touch screen. And have a 6v 12.5amps lead acid battery powering the Servos.
I could use a DC to DC converter as you suggested on the 7.4v rail to supply 12v for the screen, but with only 4 amps running the Panda, Power audio Amplifier, 3x EZBs and Screen it won’t last long before I will have to recharge.