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The LattePanda Robot Hack

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I'm hacking the lattepanda to control Robotis Dynamixel servos and use a USB camera for machine vision. This will be a fun hack because the LattePanda is a powerful robot controller when it's running EZ-Builder and the appropriate Arduino middleware firmware. See you tonight!

I know my wording about an external power supply could be a bit confusing but it doesn’t necessarily mean a secondary supply. It just means that you should bypass the power coming through the Panda regulator, you can still use a single supply you just need to make sure to stay with the servo voltage specifications.
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Buy the latte panda servo shield that I posted earlier and provide it adequate power. Servos require plenty of amps because they’re motors. Watch the live hack video for the latte panda and you’ll see servos were controlled fine if provided adequate power
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Wow that TightVNC program was a great suggestion,that will even save some money when all those extra connections no longer needed on the Latte Panda! Too bad about the low res HDMI problem though.
So I did finally order the Latte Panda upgraded model with the 4 Gig ram and I noticed the awesome sensor pack they sell at the DF robot site, so thinking later I will get that with the upgrade shield for servos and sensors, sounds like fun times ahead!`
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I’m thinking in getting a Latte Panda for my InMoov, what’s the Latte Panda upgraded model??
cem, it is the same version 1.0 Latte Panda but just has double the Ram at 4 Gig instead of 2 Gig and double the storage memory at 64 Gig instead of the basic 32. I also ordered the extra 7" display panel that can fit on my robot's chest. An additional touch overlay can also go on top of the display to make it just like a touch tablet.Oh yes and the clear acrylic case to protect the panda but still see any indicator lights through .