Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

Robot Learn a New Object

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I'll be using the camera and speech recognition to instruct the robot to learn a new object. I'll demonstrate how new objects can be taught and recognized. We'll probably use the InMoov to - because it's fun!

*Update: So this live hack is more than simply creating a script to detect camera objects. We also made the inmoov head follow an object. And we made the arms move with the object. And then we started making Auto Position animations. Oh probably other stuff to but what a fun night anyway :)

Last minute post for the live hack - apologies


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Glad i could contribute to the DJ, I see that you are using EZ-Script less and less. Is it going to be removed from ARC? Nice LH.

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Ezscript won’t be removed because it is still used by people. Doesn’t interfere with anything because it’s just another tab like python or blockly

i prefer JavaScript because it is so much faster and is easier for me to write


the live hack was great.


Wow missed this hack night last year, This has really great info on how to get robot to see stuff and then interact in the scripting. Blows my mind the possibilities. I was able to do similar object training with only the camera skill no scripting like this. I had programmed my Terminator at the cottage to recognize my Friend Blair's color clothes and face. So when he came with his usual yellow shorts ,The terminator could respond with voice saying F--- You A-hole! Then if he walks away the robot would try to follow him all the while shouting insults at him, was quite funny and The camera control could be trained much more easy? I guess this script method could be more advanced with more options.