Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

Live hack! Using robot as puppet to control another robot

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In this hack, I'll be showing how to control a robot with another robot as a puppet.

Nice Puppet work!  Love to see this across long distance locations.  Example your JD in Alberta controlling my JD in Ontario.  OK JD may not be the right robot to use but a robot ARM picking up an item on earth replicated by a second robot arm picking up the same item on the moon could provide a unique control mechanism, especially when we scale this up between host and destination robot ARMS  (Control with small robot arm say 30cm, using a large robot ARM say 300cm). Shame I can't watch this one live as I have a schedule conflict.
Thanks for the idea:)

ARC uses tcp, so any place on earth with an internet connection would work without modification. Simply type in the IP address of the robot in ARC. 

Its only 8 lines of code to!
Ooh....    Waldo using EZ-B's.  Mount servos on your shoulders, arm and hands, control remote robot arm.  Combine with the AR viewer integration to the camera......  Another new project I will never have the time for:)

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I like the idea of using the Synthiam with Ardurino mega with more ports for this concept. I got alot of great ideas for a slave system. Way to go DJ. Be here Friday.
How many adc ports does the mega have?

i do have something new to unveil on Friday which adds more ports
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...oh really....(raises eyebrow)...i think there is 14 on the mega?
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i think there is 14 on the mega?

Some combinations:
mcp3008 (SPI 8 ADC Ports)  plus an arduino, you can combine multiple, each circuit requires a slave signal:

ADS1015 (I2C 4 ADC Ports) you can use 4 (different addresses) per I2C bus.
you can add an I2C multiplex (8 x ):
than you can have 8 x 4 x 4 = 128 ports:)
I used two of ADS1015 with a Raspberry PI, it's an I2C device maybe you can connect directly to the EZB.  

if you have size constrains or/and wire allergies an atmel mega in a small pcb

Thanks for the info Ptp!
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Piggy backing off the stream, I started looking to other options for a small onboard computers and found this. It uses intel processors (not Atom), but it is more expensive than the AtomicPI, but packs alot of power for the money / trade off. All in the form factor of the PI. There are a few other flavors now too and one coming up on kickstarter.

There are some great reviews on youtube. The original is just called the Up Board. Then they have Up Squared and so on..each more expensive the previous one. Crazy to have a full computer the size of credit card available for embedded robotics.
@DJ they have Atomic Pi back in stock. I'm going to get a couple to play with. Do you want me to get and ship one to you?
We reached out to the manufacturer and they have a few on the way:)
Nice! Glad to see they are shipping to other places NOT in the states!
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...yup just got mine today. I saw that article that they were designed for the Kuri robot.  They had 4 GB ram in those robots these top out at 2GB only:(
Finally back home and watched the replay.  WOW this is so cool thanks DJ.  This is going to help me a lot in future projects.  Love it!
Appreciate the suggestion and feedback! Keep’m coming:)
Wait, so that means the EZ-B has the capability of connecting to an Arduino?