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DJ Sures

Hacking Robotis OpenCM 9.04 with Bioloid

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I will be hacking the Robotis OpenCM 9.04 controller with ARC using a Bioloid. We'll install the Arduino OpenCM library and connect to the controller using EZ-Builder's Dynamixel plugin via USB. This will be a good demonstration of how to program an arduino compatible controller to move dynamixel servos.


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Looking forward to this hack.


Sweet, I just ordered the OpenCM 9.04...looking forward to this one!!:)


a few years back i though OpenCm 9.04 means a board wiht no case arround it.xD lol. now i know its not.xD

#4   — Edited

Hey there, this Hack was super OpenCM arrived today, so I will have to solder some Pins and get going!!:)

One thing I realized is, when I first watched the archived video it was something like 2h long, and it had a detailed description on how the board works and how to solder the connections!

When I checked again it was only 20min long, and this part was missing! I really like the idea of the footage being edited, makes it easier to find important content.

But this time it made it a bit difficult for me... I had to recall the pins from my memory and from what I can spot in the edited clip, so I thought I will post the wiring that I figured out ...maybe someone can correct me if I made a mistake!!:)

#5   — Edited

Do not solder any wires. Simply plug in the servo and it will work. The video has been edited because the jumper wires are no longer needed.

The entire video that is online is ALL YOU NEED. Do not solder any jumper wires. Ensure you are using the latest Open CM 9.04 firmware from this website. Do not solder any jumper wires. The video was edited to remove the details about soldering jumper wires because you do not need them. Forget everything you saw on Friday and watch this updated video.


Thanks for the update!!! Now the edit of course makes a lot of sense...:)

How did you find out? Will you talk about it on the next Bioloid related Hack? Robotis makes it so hard to drive their servos...but its fun trying to figure out how they work!! In the end it all makes sense...