Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

DJ's 4th Hack Event (Arduino, Bioloid, LewanSoul, and more)

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In the last event, some people asked me to demonstrate how to use the LewanSoul Serial Servos. Also, we'll program the Robotis Bioloid with EZ-Builder. Might be a good idea to add a camera to the Bioloid as well! Oh, and I'll show you how to connect an Arduino to ARC and customize the firmware.


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Good afternoon DJ, are you guys going to demonstrate on the bioloid premium using this method?


I'll be demonstrating how to connect and control a bioloid premium using an ez-b and ARC. I'll also show how to connect an arduino to ARC. And for Perry_s' question, i'll demonstrate the lewansoul serial servos


Hi!! what type of lewansoul servos would you be using tomorrow? maybe LX 16A!! just a suggestion :P


You bet, it’ll be the 16a bus servo. All there other servos are PWM and there’s no magic in demoing those because they are plug and play with any servo controller

Here’s the plugin I will be using tomorrow:


Hi there, I missed the live hack 4 and the content is saying it can't be seen in my country.

#7   — Edited

Same here.

"This video contains content from Kobalt (AWAL Digital Limited), who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."


So, I guess we will not be able to to see it anytime soon?


What seriously? Is that a servo company upset or just the music that was playing in the background? As I have had video blocked just driving my car and the radio was on playing a song ,youtube is just on crack or smoking too much hot glue.


I am getting the same issue. Unable to see video


Looks like a song we had on the background was detected by YouTube and the song copyright owner decided to block the video. That is too bad because there was a lot of educational content and all we had was music in the background...


Can you watch the video when you press Watch Archived Video? User-inserted image

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yea it's pretty sad that the video got blocked, I was watching yesterday and wanted to comeback today to work on some stuff, sadly when I click on the "archived video" still shows as video blocked.

#14   — Edited

Doesn't seem to be anything I can do either:( The YouTube message is the same for me. All because of some song on the radio in the background that I've never heard of called "Hymn". Guess this means we can't listen to music? Oh man...


Actually - since i can find the song that triggered it, i'll download the video, edit and remove that part, and re-upload. that should work!


That's one of my favorite songs by Ruffert Holmes lol.

#17   — Edited

Hey DJ hopefully the re-edit can work as I missed much of this video since I was trying to watch both live feeds at the same time and for some reason Jeremie's feed was stronger while yours would keep freezing on me due to my slow internet I use. So  was just going to re-watch this archived in full.


Yeah I'd re-edit and just block the music for that song..but i guess we would also lose the audio you are saying for those 3 or 4 minutes? I watch 1/2 last night and wanted to finish today..hopefully you can re upload it!


I would love to watch this as well.


Video was great...We had a very educational night.. I got my lewansoul servos working great..I also learned alot of the programming that goes on behind for the plugin...thanks DJ   ....chiefavc (aka Marko)


Good morning DJ, do you know when will the video would be fix?


Hello again, I would like to know when will the video be available to be viewed?


Because we were listening to music in the background, youtube has a copyright protection on the video and therefore it will not ever be viewable.


No problem - wish there was another option. Youtube won't even let me download the video because of the copyright claim. The video is lost in the ether... for ever

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I watched some videos on using OBS there was a tick box to save a copy of your live stream on you harddrive as well as streaming live.. maybe you have a copy and don’t know it’s there?

Also YouTube has a channel of royalty free music and playlists that you could play in the background on next hack.


OBS is great, you can put up custom icons, frames and other cool stuff too


Aw man that really sucks, a learning experience on what not to do on youtube at least.


Robo Rad, I feel you YouTube a bummer smh.


DJ, a very simple method for music is called Pretzel. It is easy to set up in OBS and is all copyright free. I haven’t got it running on stream yet, but I’ll be testing it next go. Otherwise, download songs from the YouTube music library and play them in the background.


You will all have to tune in next Friday:D - I found royalty free music on spotify


So my question is are you going to go thru and reshow (maybe quick version) the same things this week?..I will still be there mind you.Though the plugin works well for me as I can control all 4 of the lewansoul servos including changing their id without a hitch.good job..


Yes! Thank you for the plug in, works perfect. Marko, how did you managed to move your lewan servos? I'm new to this and still trying to figure out it out without any luck. Some feesfeed will be much appreciated.


Does the video work for you now?

#35   — Edited

Yes its up! Nice job! Glad that was editted and resubmitted a TON of great info in there. Would have been a pity to lose that.


There will be a part of silence where the audio was removed

#37   — Edited

I have a question regarding the Ardurino with Synthiam beta. Would it be possible now to add a control for Neopixels on the Ardurino with the custom firmware? I cant remember if the neopixel issue was a very specific timing issue?! Would be amazing to be able to support neopixel rings and strips etc and have an animator built in.