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Can You Help Me Make Custom Software/Hardware?

Can you help me make custom software/hardware?

For example I like how the bit moves it's head using motion tracking and it's life like... I want only that motion tracking to control my servos, Not the rest if the board. Will that be cheap?


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First of all you need a ez-b and that is 99 usd. That's the cost ... Than is the question can and is there the will to make a program with c# or visual basic.

But why don't you wanna use the ARC. Why re-invent dj did the hard part.


Use ARC:) $99 is cheap if you look at what it is. Geez ppl :)


DJ has done wonderS for the robot building community! The EZ B is well worth the price DJ is asking for it! I've only had mine for three weeks and I've made more progress. On my bots then I have in the past three years. Buy the board........... You'll be more then pleased. Thanks DJ.


I have a question, if you don't want an EZB, then why are you on this website to begin with? (just a thought...)


I'm thinking he is just one of the lost and wondering robot builder wannabes that has not yet been enlightened to the DJSures school of ez robot programming/building! It's left to we ; the informed ; to offer guidance , lol. Lloyd


Hahaha oh! Has EZ-Robot become an elite club? Cooooool :D


my original posts were made with the stupid iphone 4 that changes a lot of my words, thats why there were words not spelled correctly.

i did buy the $99 ARC and i have not received it yet, and it does many things, but i asked about a VERY SIMPLE board/software that is customized to ONLY do the tracking that would control x y axis servos, and not having the additional components i figured it would be cheaper.

so right now, i can only put this realistic moving head on 1 robot (up to 5 total if i pay $500 for 5 boards...)

and i am wanting something small, compact and a lot more affordable, so that i can make a lot of animated characters, without having a computer and ARC for every 1-5 units. i want the entire complete unit to fit inside a teddy bear for example.

also why do i not get an email notifying me of replies to my post?


You'll get it pretty soon. We have a faster shipping now with Canada Post because they've screwed up so many times in the past. Your order was made at 9:54 PM on the 24th and it went out on the 25th. So you'll see it probably tomorrow or the next day.

Remember, the EZ-B doesn't just do one thing. It's not just for tracking. It's for an entire robot. You can track and control your robot. The EZ-B has 20 Digital I/O per board. That means you can have 20 servos, or 10 servos and 5 Ultrasonic distant sensors. Or 5 Servos and 5 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors and 5 LED's... You can use the ports for what ever you want.

To avoid having the EZ-Robot email considered spam, we don't send out email notifications.


So If I put ping sensors around the bot, does the radar look like a full circle?

Canada post? If DJ Sures doesn't personally deliver then I want a refund! :-)


If I wanted to make 10,000 teddy bears that turned it's head with servos by using a motion tracking feature like is in ARC... And I wanted to sell them In bulk, how could I do it without a laptop? My question was if Dj could help with a custom board/software for a project like that. The answer to a suggestion above, is NO, I can not use ARC on this particular project (but i can use it on many other ideas i have), cause each and every Teddy bear would require a laptop. I would want it pre-programmed, I would not want the person to control these with computer. I want them to be 100% self controlled, like robot dog.

I'm not talking bad about ez b, I think it's awesome.


Oh yah, that'd be easy:) ... I started with robotics programming directly onto the micro controller. In fact, my first versions of the EZ-B were meant for just that. They had in-circuit programming. The EZ-B has in-circuit programming parts and pins too, but don't! Or you'll brick your ez-b :)

If you want some code for moving servos and such, no problem


Awesome! Well let me play with ez-b first. Last night I seen a you tube video, someone used an Arduino and I guess they "programmed" a very small chip. I think that is what you are talkin about. After it was programmed, they unhooked Arduino and it worked on it's own to control an led. Thanks We can talk later when I get organized.



oh yeah, you can use a arduino to program another atmega328 or attiny(really cheap) and then with only like 2 or 3 components they can run on their own, but i think for that you would be best off at the arduino forum.


Arduino has too much processor and current overhead for what you get out of it. A microchip PIC can come in extremely small form factors for extremely cheap. With embedded oscillators and such, Microchip PIC is primarily used for industrial and commercial devices. Atmega's are great for prototyping and hobbyists