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I May Buy A USB Wireless Camera From Ez-Robot.Com

I noticed the power cord for the ez robot's wireless USB camera you sell will not work for my wall outlet here in USA. Do you have my type of plug?



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Nah. We don't ship with a power adapter. Only the first batch did. They r useless really. Because u charge off usb
Ok thanks,
Can the camera be used with photo recognition in ARC to recognize things?
Like, if bot sees a ball he says "ball" and if he sees my face he says "hi TJ"
And if he sees a friend of mine he says "hi Brandon"?

I don't think his artificial intelligence/photo recognition is there yet but wondered how far off it is?
Yes and no. The reason it can detect human faces is because i can do object recognition.

I don't allow you to define your own objects, someday i will. I haven't determined an interface for that to happen yet.
Do you know the resolution of your USB camera? I didn't see the specs in your store
The camera resolution is 640x480. Which is an irrelevant specification because used in ARC, it handles the resolution automatically be your cpu speed.

You could use a camera with 720p resolution and it won't make a difference. The camera isnt' for you, it's for the tracking algorythms:)
The frame rate is slow too. But again, it doesn't need to be fast.