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Help Me Hook Up Arduino Joystick To Ez-B To Control Servo

i have a joystick, it looks like a ps3 or something, its for arduino boards. it has 3 connectors on it, each has a 3-wire attached. (9 wires total)

connector 1 is blue wire, black wire, red wire and labeled (S, GND X, VCC) connector 2 is same, blue, black, and red wires labeled (S, GND Y, VCC) connector 3 is green wire, red wire, and black wire labeled (D, VCC Z R1, GND)

WHERE DO I connect into the ARC with these 3 connectors, also do i need to open anything in the software to tell it what to do? thanks TJ

i added closed captions! so you can read what i say for hearing impaired or if you can not understand my stupid kentucky hick accent!

i also provide a cc service where i will add words to your favorite videos, for a low cost. thanks thegoodrobot atyahoodotcom


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The joystick would have to be USB connected to your computer to show up in the ARC.

That arduino joystick thingy is actually just a few POTS. They're variable resistors, or also known as volume controls. There are 3 wires per pot. A middle wire, and two side wires.

This is a nice writeup on variable resistors:

So if you want your joystick connected to your robot directly, you kind of can use that joystick. You'd have to write some code in EZ-B Builder to make that happen. You'd have to use ADC conditions because each pot would need to be connected to ADC inputs.

I'd suggest simply getting a cheap USB joystick from eBay: here or a cheap wireless joystick here


ok thanks.

well i'm also going to be using analog reader, from

and i will make an exoskeleton to wear,and the joints are pots, and they go thru the analog reader, it connects to computer using usb i think, then i hope it will show up in ez-b, then its suppose to control servos, on a robot arm i will make. this is my top secret project shhhhh

like the movie about boxing robots, real steel,,,, sorta

or iron man, or well u will just see when i get done!


You wouldn't need that analog reader becuase the EZ-B has 8 analog reader ports already. That analog reader won't show up in ARC because it has nothing to do with EZ-B :)

You can buy USB joysticks with two analog knobs. That won't be much of a problem to control with ARC.

Your idea is pretty awesome:) To wear a robot. Man that'll be cool


i need analog reader because it converts up to 10 pot signals into 10 joystick commands and sends to your computer using usb cable. then your ARC can see it as a 10 button joystick. those 10 pots will be the joints that control up to 10 servos on a robot arm to mimic exactly how i'm moving my arm. i will be able to wear exoskeleton and watch the robot arm move the same in the room, remotely, wirelessly, or over the internet evenutally.

well you said i can use the analog inputs in ez-b but how do i make the pot in the analog input, control a servo?


Ah I see what you're doing now. I didn't see that it turns it into a joystick. I'd have to make the joystick control have more axis points then. Because it has 4 right now compared to 10.

The easiest solution would be to use the EZ-SDK. But if you're wanting to stick with ARC, then you'd do something funny like this...

if (adc(0) = 1) servo(d0, 1) if (adc(0) = 2) servo(d0, 2) if (adc(0) = 3) servo(d0, 3) ... etc ... all the way to the number of servo positions you'd support. There are 70 servo positions and 254 analog input values.


i'm not familiar with the sdk at all. i will check into it though,,,

in making my robot hand controlled by an exoskeleton that i will wear using potentiometers....

well each pot will control a servo, i will show a website and video of what the other guy hooked up...

potentiometer controlling servo

each dof (degree of freedom) which is each joint, will need a pot. the pot's resistance is sent into the analog reader, it goes into computer through usb, looks like joystick in the computer. using ARC, it will show up as a joystick, i will make this new "joystick" send servo commands to the robot arm, made by connecting standard servos and standard servo brackets (or a home made robot arm using metal). the analog reader has up to 10 inputs, but i think you said the ez-b only has 4 axis points for a joystick, that is ok, as long as the robot arm only has 4 dof (joints) or less. (example: shoulder, elbow, wrist, pinching finger)

the other guy ""; has a software program that he sells, here is the direct link: ServoCommander software it is called "servo commander" which looks pretty cool, but maybe a little confusing at first.

he also sells a pctx which allows me to using my spektrum transmitter (for rc airplanes) as a joystick in my computer, to control the servos.

the "analog reader" that he sells, allows up to 10 inputs for pots, and also has a 16 button pad that connects to it, to turn up to 16 things on/off.

i think we can use those items with ARC, but i'm not 100% sure yet.

he also has a 25 servo controller for sale.

but ez-b is definately easier to work with, and does more things that i always wanted to do, thats why i bought ARC with free software instead of servocommander software.

tell me what you think of merging some of his gadgets and ez-b....



Youtube links look like this: .. They have a v= in the url line. If the url you add is a channel, then it won't be recognized as a video. Channel views are different, where it lists a whole persons profile, etc.

I'll read the rest of your email in a bit;) Super busy tonight. Good stuff happening :D


weird, i just clicked the youtube video button on the right (while editing or creating my post) and i put in just zZwnyZPkylk and it shows the youtube video. i dont have to put the long link.


i got in my analog reader and 16 button pad with the 20 wire connector to connect them both, along with the usb cord to connect to my computer. using this analog reader, it should show up as a joystick (i hope) i will work on it thursday or friday and let you know how it went.

i also got in 4 xbee pro with antenna, and xbee arduino boards to go in my arduino duemilanove for longer distance remote control (i hope). didnt you say its possible to use xbee instead of your blue tooth adapter? i will see if you have a tutorial for taking off the bluetooth and installing 2 of the xbee's.

i will also work on the exoskeleton, similar to the video you see above that i found on youtube.


tell you what. no need to buy that guys stuff. it's not worth it. i'll build you a control that directly links ADC feedback directly to servos, okie?

you'll be able to use your 8 adc's (or more if you have more EZ-B's) and still have all your digital ports for buttons and switches, etc.

i'll build a control for you in ARC


ok i think that would work, so are you saying i would connect my pots to the analog inputs and servos would be connected to the digital outputs? this may work if i was next to the ez-b but how could i make it wireless for the pots to turn a servo... hmmmm

update: i actually already bought the analog reader, it is what i can connect up to 10 pots to, and it connects to my computer via usb cord. it also has 16 button attachment. i opened up the ARC program and it sees it as a joystick. all 16 buttons correspond exactly, but when i tried the pot, i couldnt get it to show up in the joystick mode. i think i got the pot to show up in the adc once, but not the 2nd time i tried it. you know how the adc goes up and down using a ping sensor? one time i tried it with the pot and the adc went up and down when i turned the pot.

isnt that able to turn a servo back and forth already? TJ


@thegoodrobot no. it is if you use the SDK.

the only way to have the ADC move a servo is to follow what i wrote before about building a script.


It is possible to get a copy of the script you wrote for the goodrobot. my students are creating a master slave arm robot system. Where they move the master arm ( which has pots in each joint) and the slave arm mimics its movements. I would like them to be able to have it all controlled through the ez-b without having to carry around the computer. That way we can take it to the elementary school to demo it.


@SpMesg, EZ-Robot is a hardware extension for the processing power of your PC and therefore requires a computer at all times. It was created to perform advanced robot functions (camera tracking, speech recognition, and more). :)


The only reason why Purchased the EZ B was I thought I could control it it with my Endurance RC controls. The button modual works and It see the x and y movements. I don't see why its so hard to isolate just one of the servos with one of the pots being read from any USB controls. I feel like I wasted my money with both product and should have just learned arduino. I just wanted to make a simple robot arm with the hardware I already own. Look how simple this is with a $20 arduino.


Rashrad, that video you posted is 1/1000th of what the EZ-Robot Platform can do without programming - and only clicking the mouse :)

This Thread Topic What you interpreted about this thread is incorrect. The question in this thread was regarding connecting a POT joystick - which is not a regular joystick. In fact, it is so irregular that it is impossible to connect to a computer without additional custom hardware. Hardware that you, and 99.999% of people will not be able to create themselves. It would be a nightmare of a task to explain how difficult it would be to control a servo using Arduino and a USB Joystick from a PC. The "joystick style" in the topic of this thread will never ever be supported by EZ-Robot because it is an ancient technology that has no place in robotics today.

Your Example Video In that video, a USB PC joystick was connected to the computer and sends data to the Arduino to move a servo. That is one of the most simplistic functions of the EZ-Robot platform - and one of the hardest functions of Arduino.

The EZ-Robot Answer What you are asking to do is "control servos with a joystick". It is very possible and very easy with EZ-Robot. It is so easy in fact, that you will laugh at your post.

To control a servo with EZ-Robot, follow these steps... with no programming required:

  1. Plug your joystick into the computer and install it's appropriate drivers
  2. Load ARC
  3. Press Add Control
  4. Select Misc
  5. Select Joystick
  6. Connect a servo to port D0 on EZ-B
  7. Connect to EZ-B
  8. Press CONFIG on the Joystick Control
  9. Deselect "Joystick #1 Controls Movement Panel" checkbox
  10. Select D0 from X1 Axis Servo
  11. Press Save (Closes config window)

Tada! Now move your joystick and the servo will move :D

On top of that, you can add camera tracking, control the servo with your voice, or even your smart phone. You may also control the joystick by using a WiiMote, and hundreds of more controls. Simply press Add Control, select the control. There is usability help for every control.

*Note: A very large tutorial database has been assembled for you with nearly 200 videos. Every control in ARC has ? (question mark) next to the X (Close) button. Press the ? and you will be directed to a tutorial page regarding that control.

Also, it is highly recommended that you follow the Walk-Through Tutorial by selecting TUTORIALS from the menu within this website. It will take you less than an hour, and will show you the power of the world's most powerful and easy platform, that you are disappointed in - but haven't used yet :)

If you feel a $20 Arduino (no Bluetooth, no GUI, complicated C++ programming, slow processor, no voltage regulator, requires additional "shields", no joystick support, no speech recognition, no camera tracking, no wiimote, no web server, etc)... is a better platform for your project, then please Contact Us and if your Order No. is within an acceptable time frame (and the product is not damaged and in original packaging) then we may refund your purchase. :)

Our Response Video Fast forward this video until the time 1:00, because the prior information is unimportant to your question. As you only want to control servos, not movement. So fast forward to 1:00 in this video:


I see what the issue is now. I didn't let you know that my hardware does work very well with the Eazy B . It actually is F'N awesome when it comes to buttons and four pots. I love my EZ-B. I added four pot to four servos and it worked great! I even controlled 16 different scripts for each push buttons I used with the Endurance-RC kit. It really compliments your hardware. Their joystick uses the same chip as the EZ , almost look and acts like the Ez B but your software way better and they only allow inputs (looked at the schematics). Best of all, no drivers required windows just picks it up and it works with all games. All! Its super awesome and I have been using them since 2008.

My issue is I need to know how to use more than four pots. Buttons work great. I'm sorry for using that crappy Arduino video/analogies but it was the closes thing I could find at the time. I repeat. Your hardware is very compatible. And I plan on doing a video soon as I get done with my project.

The issue I have is the software limitations. I need to know if I can get your joystick software to detect more pots. Preferable one for every Digital out put via software. Thank for your help and sorry about the confusion. I love my EZ-B and convinced my friends to buy one. Can you please add this functionality or let me know what I'm doing wrong? Also that video you gave me helped outlot I used it soon as I got my EZ-B Programed. Thats how I got 16 buttons working. I just wish that we could some how program more X and Y movments with pots as easily as I did when I pasted scripts for my 16 buttons I add just like you showed in the video. I only saw green and blue dots. Is it a way to make more XY dots pop up or a just add another joystick window or something for the other pots.

And @Hoolagen1.... Stop brown nosing and D@#$ riding. I was just asking for help.

Rashad Glover


why don't you use flex sensor ( ) on a glove instead of pots? that is what i an going to do


How many flex sensors can you use.


no, you sir were coming off like a dick...