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Iphone Can Not Upload Image

can you make it possible for iphone users to upload pics directly from their iphone?
the add image button is not accessible on my iphone.
if i have a website link to an image, it will let me add a link, but not attach a file.
also, is it possible for me to just copy an image somewhere, then just paste it in the post?
if you allow simple copy/paste that would work i think.

i would really like to add pics directly from my cell, right when i take a pic of my freshly finished work.


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That is not possible. it's the ios what's disabled that
it is possible. visit this local website, it is an online classifieds. i told them i needed to upload pictures using my iphone, so they hooked it up for me.

click here for VCI online classifieds website

they are using cliqcliq Quickpic

apple store for cliqcliq quickpic

if i'm on iphone, it shows up, i click the button, then it opens up the app, i then can take a pic or choose one from my album on my iphone,then i select it then it uploads it to the site.

i know dj can hook this up:)