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Once described as a technological swiss army knife. Have written somewhere between 2500 and 3000 published articles on technology, copyright, photography and the internet. I solve problems, develop solutions and repurpose things - not all gadgets are shiny and have picures of fruit on them! First computer - MK80 First decent computer - Amiga 3000 Current computer - Dell Vostro laptop First camera - Kodak Instamatic First decent camera - Canon A1 Current camera - Canon 40D


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Left Shoulder Question And Head Question

Hi we have two JD-Bots that we use at trade shows and they have each developed issues that I would like to try and resolve before the next show (March 19th) . First Issue is the left shoulder joint on JD1 has come loose - the servo whirs, but no arm motion. Didnt want to take the body apart without asking, is this possibly loose screws or something...

Anyone There?

Is anyone home this week? Keeping checking to see, but no one in, wanted to chat about an opportunity

Looking For Stl Files To Print

Hi, I am trying to find a download point for the STL files to make the servo mounts for a JD arm servo? Anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Paul
Feedback From 2 Day Workshop

Feedback From 2 Day Workshop

Just ran a two day workshop based around Adveturebot, a couple of pieces of feedback. Firstly there is a link to a place in the tutorial explaining what to if...

Software For Creating Robo-Bits In

Hi, I am running a project next week designing a dozen AdventureBots with a group of students we have access to an array of 3D printers and want to allow students to design and build add-ons. What is the simplest software to bring in the clip and extend it into something cool - jousting spear for instance. Thanks Paul

Adding Robot Families To ARC

Hi, I am interested in finding out how easy (or difficult) it is to add a new robot family to ARC. Device Cortex Arm 3 based. Thanks Paul

Adventure Bot Not Charging

I have an adventure bot that does want to charge. Charger lights just flash red. Was fully charged before powering on first time and was turned off after cycling power to hear the ez-b logon about 4 days ago. Never had low power warning, went to turn on today and dead, plugged charger on and get 3 lights cycling red green.

New Robot

What speed can you get out of Rolli or the new entry level bot? We are looking to create a jousting robot? Thanks Paul

Is There Any Way Of Powering A Jd Or Any Other Ez-Bot From Anything Not Battery

I know I am going to be asked about battery life no end of times, I just wondered if there was any other power source for limited motion. Like some kind of umbilicus that can bypass the battery, but still use the body with shoulder servos - would be hand for schools working with scripting.

Need Help With Jd-Bot Connection

trying to control a jd-bot from a Fujitsu tablet, but ARC says cannot connect to ez-b. Bot is working fine, can control from my dell with no problem. Any clues what to look for?, have removed AV software just in case (was mcaffee- ugh) thx Paul confused confused
Looking For Information And A Little Guidance

Looking For Information And A Little Guidance

Hi, My name is Paul Smith-Keitley and I work as a freelancer for the Tablet Academy here in the UK, we have just ordered a pair of...
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