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New Robot

What speed can you get out of Rolli or the new entry level bot? We are looking to create a jousting robot?




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they're not fast a baby can crawl faster :D

United Kingdom

Anything faster out there then?


I don't have either of these bots but maybe you could retro fit faster and stronger servos into this platform. Another way would be to buy another rover and refit it with a EZB controller. That's been done a lot on this forum. A simple search will find lots of threads of builders making their own rovers using an EZB. Maybe other members will chime in with suggestions on what to use as a good platform. Maybe your best bet would be something with wheels and not treads.


Roli is slow with torque. the chassis was designed for robotics with high precision for camera tracking, etc.. The slow speed and higher torque was necessary to allow the robot to move slowly with accuracy for tracking objects. If you wish to race something, I would recommend a toy or rc car, which are designed for speed.