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Looking For Information And A Little Guidance

Hi, My name is Paul Smith-Keitley and I work as a freelancer for the Tablet Academy here in the UK, we have just ordered a pair of JD Bots to use at the Education Innovation Conference alongside some Moway Bots.

I am trying to find out how tall they are, well actually all dimensions so I can locate some transit cases.

Also I was wondering what you recommend as far as programming to wow people?

Thanks for the help.



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The sample JD project (in the ARC examples) is a good place to start... It should impress most people....

Not sure how tall he is, perhaps someone who has one can chime in with some measurements for you....


Hello Paul,

Welcome to the forum!

JD is 12.5" (31.75cm) tall, 6.75" (17.15cm) wide from shoulder to shoulder, and ~3.5" (8.9cm) thick with wires.

Inside the JD example, if you play the song provided you'll see JD do and song and dance which impresses audiences:)

You can always start from the example and move from there.

Edit: @RR you are a fast one:D

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I did the courses today and thought there was some way to make it send tweets, was wondering about having one of the guys take pictures of people and tweet them.

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Thanks guys for the help, should be useful


ARC can read tweets, and take actions based on the contents of the tweet (ie, you can send a tweet to your robot to have it walk or dance or anything else the robot can do).

To send a tweet would take a bit more work, but through scripting, and maybe some 3rd party stuff you should be able to have the robot send tweets. From a script, you can do an HTTP Get, but Tweets are done through an HTTP post, with some other stuff to handle authorization. A quick google search of "send tweet with http get request" pointed to some links that look like it might not be too hard to set up some kind of intermediary java or python web page to receive the request for the robot and forward it to Twitter. A little more research needed than I have time for today to be sure.



To send a tweet, perform the following....

  1. download and install ARC for windows

  2. load the JD project and assembly your JD

  3. fine tune the servos

  4. visit the preferences and configure your Twitter username and password from the top ARC menu

  5. click the gear on the camera control

  6. select scripts tab in the camera control config menu that loaded when you pressed the gear

  7. press the edit button for the on tracking start script

  8. click the Cheat Sheet tab that generates code for you automatically

  9. scroll down until you see the camera device title

  10. look in the camera device section for a ControlCommand() that reads "send tweet"

  11. click on the send tweet code and it will add to your code

  12. press save to save the script

  13. press save to save the config menu

  14. select your tracking type in the camera device

Now when ever an object is detected, the image will be uploaded to your configured Twitter account.



10) look in the camera device section for a ControlCommand() that reads "send tweet"

How the heck did I miss that.....


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thanks DJ, I will give it a go as soon as bots arrive and I get them built - I think it's going to be fun show.

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@Paul, you can download ARC now and start playing around with customising it a little. You can at least add in the tweet function you want without having the physical robot there - it may save you some stressing if you have only a small window to program in before the show (although we are pretty fast at responding to questions:))

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Already downloaded and playing around, hopefully will get some video of the show.


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@Paul. PS... it will be great to see video of the show! EZ-Robot needs all the help we can get with PR:D


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