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United Kingdom
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Looking For Stl Files To Print


I am trying to find a download point for the STL files to make the servo mounts for a JD arm servo?

Anyone point me in the right direction?




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Any and all the stls files are in the 3D Printing section here on the website....
On each product page in the Design Files tab. For example, look at JD Humanoid product page and click on the Design Files.

Or in ARC when you load the project and say YES to viewing assembly instructions after loading the JD project

Or in ARC when you click the DESIGN button on the JD Project

Or clicking on 3D Printing from the sub menu of this website under Community
United Kingdom
thanks JD, will print them in the morning
United Kingdom
Will do, we are at BETT - Europe's biggest ed-tech show, running the robot playpen with over a dozen different bots in there
Awesome! Sounds like a blast!