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Adding Robot Families To ARC


I am interested in finding out how easy (or difficult) it is to add a new robot family to ARC. Device Cortex Arm 3 based.




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In general (with the possible exception of Roomba), EZ-Robot has been moving away from supporting 3rd party robots because of the rate of change and inconsistencies in their APIs. On the other hand, they have built the plugin framework so any user with some .NET programming ability (C# preferred) can write a plugin to provide any functionality they desire, including interconnection with 3rd party devices.



As Alan mentioned, it was an initiative we took a while ago but it really didn't serve much of a purpose because only a handful of people used them.

The robot you are referring to that has a Cortex arm. You would need to write a very lengthy and complicated program on the cortex arm controller to communicate with the ezb. Given that the question provides only the detail of "cortex arm", I would assume your development skills aren't up to that task. The solution that is easier to embrace is adding the ezb to the robot and replacing its controller.

The ezb is much smarter and more powerful than other controllers - it should be a pretty simple swap, minus having to create motions and walking movements in the auto positioner.