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United Kingdom
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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Left Shoulder Question And Head Question

Hi we have two JD-Bots that we use at trade shows and they have each developed issues that I would like to try and resolve before the next show (March 19th) .

First Issue is the left shoulder joint on JD1 has come loose - the servo whirs, but no arm motion. Didn't want to take the body apart without asking, is this possibly loose screws or something simple.

Second Issue is JD2 head vertical motion is compromised. If I set all servos to 90 degrees he just slams his head forward, I have tried remapping to another port and same thing happens.

All and any help will be greatly appreciated, these guys go down a storm at shows.




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United Kingdom
Calibrate the head servo (and all servos for that), this should hopefully solve the issue with JD2. Calibration instructions are in the learn section.

JD1, it may be as simple as the servo bracket being loose or not fixed properly. Following the calibration instructions in the learn section for that particular lever servo should allow you to check if the servo is working or needs replacing. Basically, pop the servo bracket off of the servo and see if the spindle moves, if it does then the bracket wasn't fixed to the spindle properly, putting it back together should solve it unless there is wear in the bracket itself.
United Kingdom
If it does turn out to be the servo or bracket and you need one faster than EZ-Robot can get one out to you I have plenty of spare ones which I could either send you (or if you're local or passing by Gloucestershire pick up) until your replacement turns up. That's if it does need replacing and if EZ-Robot can't get one out to you in time.
United Kingdom
Shoulder problem sorted - thx to Rich and IKEA - their screwdriver is ideal for fitting narrow screw ways. Screw had come out of shoulder bracket, so there was no connection between shoulder and arm - I have had similar surgery personally and know he feels :-)

Head servo still not working - tried to recalibrate, but unable to adjust far enough, tried mapping to alternate ports, figure it must be a servo issue.
The last post here was 3 years ago so I hope someone sees this. My JD's left shoulder keeps loosening. I tighten it and it comes loose again. Anyone have a more permanent fix?
I used blue thread locker... Never came loose again