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Screen Resolution

I just purchased a new dell XPS ultra book laptop with a native resolution of 3200x1800. After loading EZ software it did not present right. I went to tutorials and was instructed to move slider bar to smallest under resolution settings (dell had it set to highest). EZ software then presented correctly but the tool bar type was so small you could hardly read it. Also things like the favorites bar and URL bar in explorer are way to small. The fix given in the tutorial works but does not work. Is there a way to deal with these new extremely high res monitors? It is like the EZ software has fix boxes in the tool bar area and if you increase text size to a point that you can read it the words roll.


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Someone else a few months back had the same issue... I am not sure there ever was a solution...

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The solution is on the list but I've not seen it solved. The issue is nobody had used resolutions that high until very recently (1920x1080 is what I use and that makes everything far too small on a 37" screen!).

Unfortunately it's a case of being patient and if it's a huge problem drop the resolution down to something which is supported.


Until there is a fix, you might want to look at

It allows you to set up multiple monitor "profiles" and easily switch between them.

One of my computers spends most of its time as a DVR. It has a high def local monitor, and a standard TV as the secondary monitor. I usually leave it at 800x600 with the monitors mirrored. However, when working on robots or other things where I want the higher defenition, I switch the high def to its highest resolution, and extend the desktop onto the TV, leaving it at 800x600. DisplayFusion allows me to do this by a set of keyboard shortcuts and switches very quickly. So you could have one profile for normal computer use and another for when you are working with your robot.



Thanks guys for your responses. The problem as I see it is that the slider bar in the tutorial is set up for the laptop to be usable at native res. I am hoping that EZ robot, instead of telling you to make your laptop unusable by moving the slider, does something to accommodate the newer higher res. monitors that are coming.