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Onboard Computer

I am thinking about putting a mini computer on my robot to run ARC software. I have been looking at the Minix Z8350-4. It is 64 bit and runs windows 10 pro software. It would connect with EZ4 just like a laptop. Has anyone done this before? Are there protential problem?


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Hi, I am using an Asrock J3455B-ITX mainboard. A bit bigger and not ready to go as the TV Box PCs, but I had an SSD and RAM lying around. You also get a bit more power than the Z8350 Atom that is used in most cheap mini PCs, with hardware decoding/encoding of h264, vp8 and AVC. To power the board I use a 80W PicoPSU and a DC-DC boost converter to get 12V from my 2S lipos.
Thank you all for your comments. I also looked at the LattePanda mentioned above. It looked interesting because of it’s built in arduino board and header. My concern is a posible lack of support if the product doesn’t work. I read some reviews of people not happy about getting support. Has anyone dealt with DFrobot support?