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Not knowing the history of ARC, is there any chance that in the future there could be an OS10 version so one could use a MacBook Pro to run the software? The hardware of the MacBook , in my opinion, is vastly superior.


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iOS works, but Mac I think is still a long ways away. Everytime they make a change they have to code it into android, Windows, and iOS. OS would be just another thing to deal with.


If it's the hardware you like on the MacBook Pro, just run windows on it. If it is the os you like, right now ARC is just for Windows but there is hope. Microsoft announced that they are working on .net for Linux and apple os.


With nearly half a million lines of code for ARC, we would need to hire a dedicated team for osx development - which we have plans for within the next year or two, based on sales and scaling :)

As stated by others, in the meantime run parallels or install windows vanilla

Mac used Intel processors and nvidia graphics adapters, so you will be able to find laptops with similar or better hardware specs than macs in the pc flavor - sadly however, you have to run windows on them lol


Thanks DJ for your response . I appreciate the enormity of this task. I now have a new Dell 13 xps(flagship model). First I have to reduce its resolution to run ARC then things like running Bluetooth mikes or speakers do not work. My Apple products do not have scaling or hardware issues. I think there is a Hugh amount of users who prefer Apple so it may be new market for you to reach.


Dave, we would love to support Apple osx. It's on our list when the company is a little larger than 6 employees :). Currently there is nearly half a million lines of codes in ARC. It would take an additionally development team to parallel windows development. Hopefully when .net is open source for osx, we will have an easier task.

In the meantime, we recommend running parallels or installing windows vanilla.

If your resolution is messed up on windows laptop, I would recommend reviewing the tutorials in the learn section for ARC.installation and setup. There's a bit about how to configure the proper resolution settings. Windows is a little strange with resolutions - someday I suspect they'll solve that :)

Give parallels a try :)


I can recommend VMWare and Parallels, and both work great on my Macs. One is as good as the other, just personal preference for the most part.

DJ, you may want to look into Xojo for development, you could then cover PC, Mac, IOS and Linux. I have been down the road of .net and had to convert to multiple platforms and chose Xojo and it worked out pretty good. But with 1/2 million lines, may take a while. I assume a lot of the program is based around a good TCP/IP framework and Xojo is fairly good at that. Didn't mean to hijack thread, but if your looking for someone to possible help out in the future, I may be able to help some.


As an ezrobot employee and a Mac fan I have found Parallels works like a charm for me!


There are too many low level interop function calls for the OS. The code may be written in .Net but the interop calls are for system functions. That's how we are able to perform memory management, video and audio processing with our own Codec and the EZ-Script runtime pre-processor. Even if we were to select a cross platform language, the interop and memory management is hardware specific.


Also running ARC on Parallels (Windows 7.1 x86) on a 2009 iMac - it's fine. I'm getting a couple of crashes but putting that down to other stuff :)


I'm using VirtualBox on my Macbook and that works fine. The fan of the mac might turn a lot, but if you switch off the automatic 'searching for windows updates' , it's ok!