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Raspberry Pie On Windows 10 Iot Core

I am wondering if one could load EZ robot onto a Raspberry running windows 10 and use it in place of a PC or laptop to talk to a Ezb 4. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. It is all confusing now.

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No, but you could write the robot functions you need with the UniversalBot SDK in C# and run it on a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 iot Core.

ARC needs the full windows GUI. Windows 10 iot Core is just the operating system kernal. Basically designed for embedded systems that do one or two things, not a general purpose multi-tasking computer.



OK, this looks like what I need. Was rather annoyed that everything's tethered, but I can toss Win10IoT onto a Pi and I already have C# mojo, so this will probably do the trick.