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PS3 Remote Connectivity

I am a 13 years old and new to the EZ-B concept. Along with other things, I need to ask a few questions relating to joystick connectivity.
I was ready to buy a wireless controller for the EZ-B and then realised that I could use one of my wireless PS3 remotes. I plugged it it using the charger cord and started up the EZ Builder. When opening the joystick panel it registered the PS3 remote. I don't know what to do from here on and am unable to make it register me pressing the buttons. I will be really grateful if anyone knows how to make it work.


Liam Graham


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Hi Liam, the first thing your going to try is to configure the remote. This is done by clicking "Config" on the Joystick window. In this window when you press a button on your controller a area in the box of buttons will light up. You can then enter commands like "Servo" to tell the EZB what to do when that button is pressed.

To get it to register movement, I believe all you need to do is place a movement window that best suits your robots method of movement. Ex: H-Bridge for DC motors, or Modified Servo.

Hope this helps!

Don't forget to check the Tutorial section. There is a video on how to configure the joystick. Or you can press the little Question Mark button on any control and it will bring up the tutorial.
So it does not make a difference if neither the button commands or the Movement Panel are highlighting? If not I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Would it make a difference that the buttons are symbols rather than numbers? Sorry if I am making myself sound like a complete idiot and wasting your time.


Add the joystick control. The PS3 controller should be detected. If not, press the REFRESH button.

When you are in the Config screen for the joystick control, any buttons you press will be highlighted. I know the PS3 doesn't have numbers (it has symbols if i recall from my gaming friends). They are technically still numbered internally, you just see symbols on the buttons. When you press the button, the appropiate number will highlight.

You'll need a Movement Panel (either servo, hbridge, or roomba) that is controlled by the direction pad. Or you can specify servos to be controlled by the analog joystick.

There are no dumb questions dude:) ... It's awesome that you're 13 and building robots. I wish I had something like the EZ-B to work with when I was your age... I can't even imagine what kind of stuff you'll be building at my age!
I think there might be a connection problem with the remote because nothing seems to be working. I will keep persisting and see if I can crack it.
I think it may be because the lack of a correct driver for the PS3 remote. If I can't find one or turn on the remotes discovery mode I will just but a controller from Ebay. I found a pretty good $30 wirless one which I think I might buy.
I have installed a driver (How to use a PS3 Controller on the PC) unpacked it and have been able to operate buttons with it. But the buttons are in strange places and some don't even work. The buttons square, cross and circle (the three bottom circular buttons on the right hand side) don't work and triangle (the top button on the right hand side) is number 13 instead of 1. Also, are the servo sliders supposed to move when you press the correct button or move the joystick as mine do not? I may have been able to get the controller going but due to the mutiple problems I may just buy the controller from Ebay anyway.
The PS3 controller is not made for a computer, so I can't really tell you much about it. Sorry dude:)
United Kingdom
Hi I use the PS3 controller with the EZB but it has to be plugged into a USB port to work and you need the motionjoy driver. I haven't seen yet a working Bluetooth (wireless) driver for the PS3 Joystick. It works great with a wired USB connection though just press the buttons in the EZB Joystick config panel and you can see what lights up and map it to a command. The joysticks won't be recognised though only the buttons

Good Luck hope this helps
If the joysticks don't work I may as well buy a wireless joystick from Ebay. I would much prefer to control the robot entirley from a joystick. But thanks anyway. You probably just saved me a lot of time.
The problem is finally resolved. I just recieved my joystick from E-bay and everything seems to be operating well.

so if i connect the ps3 controller to the pc, i cant use the joysticks?

Hi Hoolagen1

It is possible to use a PS3 joystick with the EZ-B. It is simply rather difficult. You must first install a PS3 driver and then connect the joystick to the computer using the charger cord. But even if you are able to make it work there are still a number of difficulties. I would advise just buying a wireless joystick from E-Bay. I bought a Rapoo joystick, with which I have had no difficulties