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I have been a member of the EZ-Robot community since there were only five pages in the Discussion topic and some users, including DJ, may remember me. For the past year I have been distracted by writing and game development and slowly forgot EZ-Robot. But I missed how incredible this community was, and hopefully still is, so I've decided to come back and see what I can do to help.


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HI Creativita

Have you checked out some of the robots that have been started in the last year , I have been here only a few months and have been blown away with the stuff the folks here are doing.



@Creativita! Indeed i remember you:) How can i forget! How is your lego robot? Did you ever get around to making the Verbot? Hope you're well! Things are great here:) Awesome people and very positive vibe - my kinda style!


@Steve_C, I have only looked at a few of DJ's new robots, but I definitely will do so soon. The drone looks absolutely amazing.

@DJ, Awesome. Good to see everything is still going well. The website and new features look incredible. I didn't get round to making my robot, but I plan to begin again. I might even start using the EZ-SDK.